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My five favourite things

A couple of week’s ago I was nominated by the lovely Katie over Mummy in a Tutu to take part in My Five Favourite Things tag. This tag was originally set-up by Sarah at Mumzilla, and I am delighted to take part in it. Firstly because it’s made me think about what my favourite things are at the moment instead of being on my phone all the time. Secondly because I love to share a little bit about myself with the blogging community.

My iPhone

My iPhone is my new favourite thing. I’m pretty sure that every blogger on the planet would say that their phone is one of their favourite things. Having never owned an iPhone before and religiously sticking with Android, I’m impressed. It’s so easy to use, takes great photos, and enables me to be in communication with friends and family, and all my Apps at my finger tips. I’m also pretty much obsessed with it right now as it’s my first own phone for 10 years, having previously been on a work contract.

My Instagram account

This is a strange one as it’s not actually a thing or physical product. But for me it’s one of my favourite Apps at the moment. I am really enjoying sharing my life and blog posts on Instagram, and being part of a couple of Insta Pods. I’ve found that they have really helped increased my presence in the blogging community and offer a good way to chat to other bloggers. Plus Instagram Stories is becoming a firm favourite of mine, I just need to be a little bit braver and more confident in doing them.

My Laura Mercier compact make-up set

I absolutely love this set. I was given it as a Christmas present and I love how it can transform my somewhat tired face, to looking bright and healthy. The eyeshadows and blushers are neutral, but really shimmery, and suit my skin tone. What’s also good about it, is you can transform yourself between day and night, as it contains tones best for daytime and more golden tones for night time.

My Oasis white lace top

This is a recent purchase of mine which I love. I bought it to wear to the last Lucky Things meet up as I wanted to look stylish but not too over the top. I had seen loads of people wearing them and knew that it would look good with jeans, and can be easily dressed up or down.

My blue suede Carvella shoes

These are an old classic of mine that I originally purchased about 5 years ago for a friend’s wedding. They have been hiding away in their box for about 2 years, as they were pretty impractical when I was pregnant or when looking after a baby. However recently I’ve had a couple of excuses to wear them again, and it feels great to get them out of their box and team up with a pair of jeans. I’ve also had a couple of nice comments about them too. So it is definitely worth taking a look at any hidden gems you may have lurking in the back of your wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you again Katie for nominating me to take part. To pass the love around I nominate the following bloggers to let us know what their five favourite things are.

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Claire x


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