Do I ever stop?

Do I ever stop?

No. The answer to that question is a firm no. I can’t remember the last time I actually stopped and did nothing. And, by doing nothing I mean sitting on the sofa reading a book, or watching the TV with a glass of wine.

I think it’s really hard to actually stop doing something. There is always something to do from chores, to blog work, to studying, and this can be broken down into so many smaller tasks including: the washing, unloading the dishwasher, cooking dinner, hoovering, moping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, making and striping the beds, putting the washing away, the list goes on and on.

Then when I’m not doing that there’s blog work including writing posts, replying to emails, scheduling, replying to comments on social media, joining Instagram pods, and so much more. I really need to crack Pinterest so this is another thing to add to the list.

There’s also my Digital Mums course which is currently on a break, but it will pick back up again soon, and once my campaign goes live, it will be busy, busy, busy.

On top of everything else there’s my daughter. We spend half the week going to toddler groups, visiting parks, walking around South East London, playing in the garden, reading books, doing puzzles, and playing with her toys.

Then lastly there’s my husband, sometimes I feel like I never talk to him in the evening. Literally my head is spinning with so many things, that I can’t possibly fit in a conversation.

Anyone else feel like this? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

So I really need to stop, and I need to chill, spend some time, maybe 30 minutes a day just doing nothing, and to stop running this busy Mum life. To sit down and relax, before the mayhem starts up all over again. I’ve come to realise that the only time when I’m not doing anything is when I’m sleeping, and even then I bet my brain is in overdrive. They do say sleep on it.

How do I just stop when I’m so used to be being busy and constantly doing something. Any top tips or advice would be really appreciated. As a starting point I’m going to spend some time just relaxing on my sun lounger by the pool. I think that sounds like a plan, don’t you?

Claire x

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