Why I dislike Mondays as a SAHM

Why I dislike Monday’s as a SAHM

For anyone reading this on their way to work, will be hate me for thinking this. That I haven’t got to get on the train or the tube, and then spend my day chained to a desk or running between meetings. I always had Monday’s off, even when I was working, Monday was my day off once I went down to 4 days a week. Monday is a funny day of the week, a day where we should look forward to the week ahead, and make plans. In reality Monday’s fill me with dread. I wake up and realise that it’s just me looking after our daughter today often after a fun filled weekend with Daddy or with friends and family. So, why do I dislike Monday’s so much as a SAHM.

Well we’ve usually had a brilliant weekend as a family. Getting out and about, visiting new places, seeing friends, spending time in the local restaurants, or visiting family outside of London. And, I get used to this. I get used to having my husband around as an extra pair of hands, someone else to change a nappy, and to support with bath time and bed time. It just feels so much easier at the weekend, and it feels like the parenting role isn’t solely on me.

At the same time our little one has got used to seeing Daddy, and playing with Daddy. Often on a Monday morning I’m greeted with “Daddy” or “Daddy le work”, and no that’s not a typo, that is genuinely what our daughter says. On a Monday she’s generally a little more troublesome as she realises that she’s just with Mummy today, or she can pick up on my feelings of it being a Monday.

After the weekend, I feel the Monday pressure. I feel the pressure to get out the house to do something. Sometimes I have a little panic when I’ve not got any plans for the day, making the morning seem worse when I’m trying to figure out what to do. Although that has got a little easier since I’ve upped the ante on going to local playgroups.

As well as this Monday is also a day for tidying the house. Whose house looks like a bomb site after the weekend, and you’ve not bothered to tidy up on a Sunday night, preferring instead to settle down with a glass of wine and a film? That’s me. So Monday’s are often spent tidying the house, putting toys away, folding the laundry, doing the washing and changing the beds. The list is endless, and I often wish that I had done so many more household chores at the weekend.

Finally a Monday is always so much worse when we’re back from holiday or had a long weekend away. I feel the pressure of being the sole parent for the day so much more, and the pile of washing is bigger than it would be normally.

So, I might moan and rant about Monday’s, in fact I think we probably all do, even those who are going to work. But they are not all that bad. I have playgroup to go to, and I start a new week on my Digital Mums course, and I also have my Google hangout with my peer group which often involves a glass of wine too. So those are the positives about the day, plus I also get to spend it with the little one. Wish me luck!

How do you feel about Monday’s? Are they are a mixture of dread and positivity, or something completely different.

Claire x



  • Sunita

    Hey Claire, yes Monday’s when you’re running your own business (or freelancing) can be a funny one too. I often work from home on Monday’s but today I’m going to work from town in between meetings. I think the change of scenery will do me good! Monday’s can always feel a bit tiring as I work most weekends but a good cup of tea will help to get me started 😉 #fortheloveofBLOG

    • The Pramshed

      Thanks Hun I think just getting out of the house to go into work can make a massive difference to your motivation. It’s sunny today so that’s also making the Monday better. Have a great day and thanks for commenting x

  • Rachel Bustin

    Mondays are one of my favourite days of the week. I work both Saturdays and Sundays so having Mondays off is our special day together. We go to Creation Station art classes on Monday mornings come home for lunch then it’s our chill out time and maybe a film in the afternoons before daddy gets home from work.

    Isn’t it funny that everyone sees Mondays totally different? I must admit before I had a baby girl and worked Mondays I hated them! X

  • Kate

    Oh yeah the Monday morning realisation that nobody has picked up after themselves all weekend and left it to you and your 2 year old to sort out, who frankly, is not very much help at all. It’s like the morning after a good party. I’m commenting on an old post and I just wonder how your digital mums course went after?

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