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You may remember that earlier this year I wrote a blog post about how I’m going to be improving my sleep with The Restored. As a parent of two small children one of my biggest challenges aside from looking after them, was sleep, and battling that awful foggy feeling that swept over me every single afternoon of every single day, leaving me reaching for the coffee.

So there were a few ways that I have been tackling this. The first is by taking daily Advanced Night-Time Nutrients from The Restored, and the other is by making simple changes to my bedtime routine.

A close up of The Restored Advanced Night-Time Nutrients

First of all lets start with the Advanced Night-Time Nutrients from The Restored formerly Utmost Me. These capsules are designed to reduce tiredness, improve energy levels, better your psychological function and nervous system. All made better by the combination of Magnesium and Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 that are within each capsule, along with other natural ingredients that are all vegan, GMO and gluten free. There is nothing complicated about taking the capsules. To begin with I took one tablet half an hour before I went to bed for three days, and then I increased this to two capsules for the rest of the month.

Secondly I have been trying to improve my bedtime routine. Even as adults we need a bedtime routine. Bedtime routines are not just strictly for children. I used to be really bad about working on my laptop or browsing my phone right up until I went to bed, which meant that I was giving my brain very little time to switch off. This often led to thinking about work-related or house-related things when I was trying to go to sleep, delaying that falling to sleep process. To combat this I have started to put my phone down, have a bath or shower, or even read my book up to 45 minutes before falling asleep. I don’t know what it is about phones, but one of the other things that I found myself doing was looking at my phone during the night when the children woke up, and I’ve tried really hard to stop myself from doing that.

Two of The Restored Advanced Night-Time Nutrients capsules I take before going to bed

With a combination of the capsules and changes to my bedtime routine I’ve slowly noticed a difference and improvement in my tiredness levels during the day. When I started to take the capsules I found at first that I would still wake up feeling a bit sluggish. I don’t know if this was related to taking the capsules or just that morning sluggish feeling in general. But over time I’ve noticed an improvement and no longer feel as tired during the day, and that my energy has increased. All this is great as that is exactly what I set out to do. It certainly makes looking after two small children and working from home that little bit easier.

If anyone else is struggling with tiredness and that awful foggy feeling I would try the Advanced Night-Time Nutrients from The Restored to see if they make any difference for you. You could also take The Restored Quiz to see what areas of your well-being need to be improved as well!

The Advanced Night-Time Nutrients are available to purchase here.

Claire x

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