Tired of boring looks? Here's how to choose the right dress for you?

Tired of boring outfits? Here’s how to choose the right dress to suit you.

Clothes are extensions of our personalities. They represent our lifestyle, preference, and even ideologies. Each outfit is tailored to serve a specific function. For example, some clothes are meant for casual outdoor activities, while others are strictly designed for special occasions, and then seasons. While the primary purpose of clothing is to cover the body, other factors like style, comfort, and design, should be considered, especially when selecting a dress.

Spring and summer are here. Your flowing clothes will come in handy during this time. Even if you intend to spend the day at the beach or shopping for items in a grocery store, you want to maintain a classy look that will draw compliments. Besides, no one likes “boring”. But how do you go about that? This guide will show you how to find the ideal summer dress.

Choosing a Dress That Complements Your Age

Perhaps, you may not know this, but your age influences your fashion. It determines the type, style, and colour pattern of dress you select at a clothing store, regardless of its functionality and the occasion in question. If you belong to an older age bracket, girly dresses may not be the best choice for you. Wearing them may not be suit your appearance. Stick to clothes with subtle shades. However, some dresses look great at any generation.

On a typical sunny day, your outfit could consist of a long skirt with a crop top layered over a t-shirt. This style enhances your appearance while still shielding your arms from suntan. Once indoors, remove the t-shirt, leaving your crop top and skirt. Later in the day, couple your t-shirt with a pair of jeans. In less than a day, you have created three distinct looks from just three items of clothes.

Matching Your Choice Dress with Your Body Shape

Women have different physiques, some more pronounced than others. Some classifications of these body shapes include hourglass, rectangle, diamond, triangle, and inverted triangle. These categories help you to find the perfect dresses for women for any occasion. A majority of loose-fitting clothes are designed to flatter all body types. You no longer have to visit a high street clothing store, instead a simple online search will produce catalogues of clothing items you can browse.

Selecting an Ideal Style Option

Your choice outfit may have design elements that attract you to it. For example, you may feel more comfortable in a long dress than a short one or prefer a compact dress to a flowing gown. Ideally, your clothing should show your strongest physical features and conceal unwanted parts.

Chiffon dresses are ideal for wearing to a formal gathering such as a wedding. And when you are not wearing this translucent fabric material, you can choose between a sleeve pattern or a cotton-based fabric. Most importantly, choose your fabric based on comfort. For example, wearing woollen clothes during summer can cause discomfort. However, they are the perfect go-to material during winter. Select the fabric that suits you and the occasion best.

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