Creating your own workspace at home

How to create your own workspace at home

Many of us have some sort of home office arrangement, whether it’s the spare room or the dining room table. However, for many of us, it’s not quite the ideal space to work in. So, getting the most out of working from home may require a few tweaks to your current set up.

If you’re working from home for the foreseeable future, here’s a few changes you could make for a more successful day.

Getting the ambience right

Do you feel like your current home office is uncomfortable to work in? Does it seem like an unproductive space? If you’re in a spare room that hasn’t been redecorated, this could be your first step to making it work better.

Walls and floors should feel bright and airy, yet homely. Perhaps it’s a change to the flooring that will make a difference? If you’ve got a thick pile carpet, it may not be practical for your office chair? Or perhaps you’ve got a hard floor that feels too clinical? 

But if buying a new low-pile carpet and the cost of carpet fitting aren’t on your list, what else might you change?

The walls may benefit from a colour change, especially if the room is too dark. This is a cost-effective change that will certainly alter the ambience of the room. Dressing the window differently is another option worth considering. You could consider shutters, sheers or a simple blind instead, or full length curtains to the floor that are in the crushed velvet curtains sale to add a luxurious feel to the space.

Other smaller changes can change the ambience, and make the room feel more comfortable for working in. Getting the right balance of heating and fresh air is one. And getting rid of unwanted distractions or introducing background music could improve your productivity.

Finally, how about a little inspiration to get in the right frame of mind for working? A peg board, memo board or pin board could be the perfect addition to the wall above your desk.

Add a peg board to your desk area to add notes and personality to your workspace.

Better home office furniture

If your current desk isn’t working well for you, there are a few alternatives to think about. Built-in desk and storage options that are fixed to the wall, can be good for saving space. So, if space is at a premium and you struggle for chair space, this may work better.

But another option to give serious thought to, is going for custom-made furniture. Designing your desk space, including the surface and storage could be a game-changer. Having the right shape and size for your office, as well as the way you work is really ideal. And, it could save you time and energy throughout your working day.

Imagine having your computer screen, keyboard, and other equipment, all in the perfect position. It could be costly to do, but the long-term comfort may outweigh these concerns.

Your workspace should have the screen, laptop, keyboard, mouse and chair all at the right height for you.

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