How to Find a Mattress That Works For You

How to Find a Mattress That Works For You

Before finding a mattress that is just right and works for you, you will be unaware of the huge benefit that having a mattress can have for the quality of your sleep and therefore your health. While our sleep is affected by a range of different factors like temperature, energy levels, stress and more, a mattress is a basic factor that determines how well we all sleep. 

You should consider your mattress as the foundations; if you get them right, you are onto a winner where sleep is concerned. 

The different types of mattresses:

Mattresses are incredibly personal things, with some people’s body’s reacting well to a firmer mattress and others naturally preferring a softer feel that your body can sink into. 

Nowadays, mattress shopping has developed and there are a ton of new and innovative mattresses on the market. Bed-in-a-box options, for example, are highly popular due to them offering universal comfort for a wide range of bodyweights and sleeping positions. Simba Sleep is one of the companies paving the way with their ‘mattress-in-a-box’, which is popular with thousands of households across the UK for providing the necessary and support and comfort for all types of sleepers. 

When working out how to find a mattress, its important to understand all the types out there… 

  • Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have hugely grown in popularity in recent years, made up of different types of foam that shape to your unique body shape and position while you sleep. The foam moulds around your body providing support where necessary and making sure that the mattress isn’t pressing on any of your sensitive points to avoid waking up with any aches and pains. 

Memory foam is ideal for those who sleep on their side or struggle with muscle or joint pain, but perhaps not for those who tend to get especially hot during the night. 

  • Bed-in-a-box

As technology has evolved twofold in recent years, so have mattresses. Rather than having to go and test a mattress out for yourself in a showroom, you can now order a mattress that suits you online and have it turn up at your door in no time. Simba’s hybrid mattresses use a combination of memory foam and pocket springs in layers to provide sleepers with reliable and supportive nights sleep no matter each person’s body weight or sleeping patterns. 

  • Pocket sprung

Pocket spring mattresses are still one of the most widely-used mattress types simply due to the price. Pocket sprung mattresses have small springs contained in individual pockets to avoid the springs poking into your back and ensure they do their job of providing plenty of support. Generally, a pocket sprung mattress will need at least 1000 springs to provide the necessary support. 

  • Latex

Last but not least is latex mattresses, comprised of natural or synthetic rubber to offer sleepers a bouncy yet firm feel. Rather than your body moulding into the mattress like memory foam would, latex bounces back to provide extra support. Latex is therefore ideal for those who prefer a firmer mattress or those who require extra support due to body weight.

Elements to consider:

  • Go big or go home

When weighing up your mattress options, don’t settle for a smaller size than you need. Double beds might be the most common choice for couples but actually, they aren’t even the size of two single beds put together. If you have the room, size up to a king-size and you will notice a huge benefit in the quality of your sleep. 

It’s best to buy the biggest bed and mattress possible for your bedroom to ensure you and your partner can sleep soundly without disturbing each other during the night. 

  • Guarantees

Before investing in a new mattress, make sure it has a guarantee or trial period available. This way, if it doesn’t work for you, you can swap it for a new one or return it completely. Some mattresses allow you to trial a new mattress for several months before you have to make a decision about whether its right for you. 

Simba provides each and every customer with a ten-year guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that if your mattress breaks or lets you down, you can swap it for a brand new one with minimal hassle. 

  • Sleeping position

Depending on your sleeping position, you will need a mattress that supports this and doesn’t put pressure on any areas of your body. Side sleepers, for example, will need a softer mattress so your shoulder and hips can sink in, whereas front and back sleepers need a firmer mattress that can support their body and keep their spine in alignment throughout the night. 

  • Bodyweight

If you are naturally heavier or particularly light, you should consider this when mattress shopping too. Heavier people over sixteen stone will need a firm mattress to support the weight and prevent the mattress from sagging, whereas lighter people under eight stone will need a soft mattress that won’t feel hard on the body when lying down.

As you can see, there are many aspects to finding a mattress that works for you, your body and your sleeping position. Opting for a hybrid option that is designed to be universally comfortable and supportive is one way to ensure you and your partner can both have a good nights sleep in the long term.


How to Find a Mattress That Works For You


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