How to design a new bedroom for your child

How to design a new bedroom for your child

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If you’re creating a new bedroom for your child, you should give the design as much attention as you would any other room in your house. It’s too easy to just splash a bit of paint on the walls, cram in some furniture and leave it at that. But why not design and create a bedroom for your child that looks great and brings a smile to their face? 

Choosing a bed

These days, kids are spoilt for choice with bed designs, from bunk and loft beds, to traditional singles and beds with canopies. Some focus on storage, some on comfort and others on thematic designs. Whatever you go for, the bed should fit in with the design of the room, not stick out. And you should be careful to choose the bed, based on need. For example, if space is at a premium, then storage is your priority. 

Getting the walls right

So many children’s bedrooms are given a coat of white, pink, or blue paint and that’s it. But walls can be much more imaginative in children’s rooms. Ask yourself, how does it reflect your child’s individual personality? Even if your child’s favourite colour happens to be blue or pink, you can still put a unique twist on it. There are so many paint shades available you could pick a blush pink or raspberry tone rather than a typical pink. The same goes for blues. Don’t rush for that pastel blue, but try a teal, turquoise or navy blue instead.  

You could try subtle colours or a two-colour combination on the walls.  Combinations such as mint and grey, light blue and fuchsia, light green and blush pink could create a more interesting colour scheme.

Add shelves, bookcase, colour block the walls, add splashes of colours to create a vibrant and fun room.

Putting up shelves

Shelves are so useful for every room of the house, and in children’s bedrooms they’re perfect for flexible and creative storage. Small floating shelves are great for popping a few brightly coloured toys and objects on, whilst cube shelving is great for keeping kid’s clutter organised. Putting up bookshelves where your child can easily reach or arranging hexagonal display sets are other neat shelving ideas.

How to pull the room together

Many children’s bedrooms can end up being a mishmash of colours and styles, rather than a single well thought out design. But there’s no reason why your child’s room shouldn’t have a clear idea that brings it all together. You could do this by taking the wall colour as inspiration for the soft furnishings, or by adding pops of a single colour throughout the room.  A pop of sunny yellow on floating shelves, picture frames and pillows for example.

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