Sleeping better, longer and deeper with Tempur mattresses

[AD] How to sleep better, longer and deeper with Tempur

“This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR® but all thoughts are my own”

Sleep is so important, and more so than ever at the moment whilst we are juggling home life and work life at home. It’s needed to recharge your body and allow your brain to function for the day ahead, and I know only too well what a lack of sleep feels like. I find that I’m unable to function quite as well the next day and with two small children added into the mix it can sometimes be a recipe for a disaster. So that’s why I value sleep and love going to bed, which is why having a fantastic and comfy mattress that aids sleep is so important to me.

I’ve recently been mattress shopping at Tempur, and I was amazed by what I learned, what I didn’t know about their mattresses and how Tempur has created a beautiful product that is beneficial for your sleep and your body. To help you shop I’ve got a handy discount code TEMPUR105 that you can use to get £100 off mattresses or £5 off a pillow, conditions apply that are detailed below.

A close up of a Temper mattress.

I found out that each mattress and pillow is born from NASA technology creating that magic sensation of weightlessness, which means that the pressure relieving properties in the mattress material provide you with all of the comfort and support you need whilst sleeping, giving you an out of this world sleep experience and helping you to drift off faster.

Due to the current Covid restrictions I was currently unable to trial the mattresses in store, but that’s ok, Tempur has got it covered through a telephone consultation that you pre-book online. I arranged my consultation with my local Tempur store in White City who were extremely helpful and helped me choose the mattress type that would be best for me over the phone.

To do this, I was asked a few questions about my sleeping position, if I have any issues or problems with my back, and whether I prefer a soft or a firm mattress. After this I was then guided through the range that includes the Cloud, Original, Hybrid and the Sensation, with the Sensation sounding like the perfect mattress for me. It’s firm with a little bit of bounce.

For us our new bed in the loft is going to be king size, and it was great to hear that there are 10 mattress sizes available at three depths, which means that Tempur has pretty much every bed size covered and can accommodate different bed frame heights too!

With the current restrictions in place it makes it really difficult to try out the mattresses before you buy which did slightly concern me. However Tempur provided lots of reassurance on the call that it’s the ideal mattress for me based on my question answers. At the same time for even more peace of mind, I was pleased to hear that Tempur offer a 100 night trial offering a refund or exchange on your original purchase if the mattress isn’t quite right for you. So if I wanted to exchange it for another one of their mattress types, Tempur would collect my first mattress purchase and deliver the new mattress free of charge. Perfect!

The Tempur mattresses all sound amazing, and having spoken to the White City store I have felt really reassured and given loads of confidence that their mattresses with help me sleep better, longer, deeper.

Enjoying a restful sleep on a Tempur mattress.

To help with your sleep I’ve also got a discount code TEMPUR105 that can be used between now and the 20th April 2021, which will give you £100 off any mattresses including those currently listed in Outlet, and £5 off any full size pillow. The code works in conjunction with bonus products to 24/03 and with Sale products too. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other code in the public domain

I hope that this has got you intrigued about Tempur mattresses as I am?


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