How To Improve The Patient Experience At Your Dental Office

How To Improve The Patient Experience At Your Dental Office

Being a dentist and running a dental office is a big responsibility. However, it can also be a very rewarding career and profession to be in.

If you want to be in business for the long-term then you must take good care of your patients. You want to have a good reputation in the industry and your community so people choose you for their dental needs. Learn how you can improve the patient experience at your dental office and ensure that you’re a top choice when it comes to dental care.

Be on Time

Your patients are busy people too and their time is also valuable. Show them respect and that you care about their needs by always being on time. The longer they have to wait the more frustrated your patients will become and they may not want to return. Expedite the intake process so the front office is efficient and fast with patients. At the very minimum provide entertainment in the waiting room so they can stay busy if they do have to wait once in a while.

Create A Comfortable & Professional Environment

Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist and it may make some feel anxious. You want your patients to feel at ease when coming to the dentist so find ways to create a comfortable environment. For example, you want to have the right lighting, play some soothing music, and have a chair they can sit in that is fairly cosy. Hop online to find high quality dental supplies that will be ideal in helping you create a comfortable environment and allow you to do your job without your patient feeling any pain.

Hire Friendly Staff

You want patients to feel welcome and calm when entering your dental office. One way to ensure this holds true is by hiring friendly staff. Have employees on your team who care about each patient and are personable and warm, as well as talented in dentistry. You’ll notice that your patients enjoy coming to your office more and choosing you as a dentist when the people are kind and professional. Be good to your staff by encouraging more work-life balance and giving them time off to be with their families so they’re happier at work.

Involve the Patient in Their Care

It’s also in your best interest to involve the patient in their care if you want to improve their experience at your dental office. You want to avoid using dental terms they won’t know and instead speak to them in layman’s terms so they can understand what you’re saying, especially when working with kids. Present the information to them and have a discussion about their care instead of telling them what they should or need to do. Let them take it all in and decide for themselves with your support.


Use these tips and advice to improve the patient experience at your dental office and ensure you have a long list of happy customers over the years. Notice what a difference these changes make for you and your patients and that you begin to receive even higher ratings and reviews for your hard work and dedication to your customers. 

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