5 tips for creating clickable Pinterest pins

5 tips for creating clickable Pinterest pins

One of the things that I love about social media is Pinterest. Now, strictly Pinterest isn’t a social media channel as it’s impossible to engage and spark a conversation, instead see it as a search engine for ideas and inspiration, however it’s far more than that. It has the potential to be a huge traffic driver to your website or blog, a place where you can share ideas and inspiration, and also a place where you can find ideas and inspiration for pretty much anything that you want to do. Pinterest is superb for recipe content, DIY ideas, kids activities, bedroom renovations….the list is endless and whatever business you’re in they’ll be a way that you can make Pinterest work for you.

I create content for my clients and I also use Pinterest for my own business – this blog. Over time and with training, I’ve learned how to create a Pin that is repinned by others and that ultimately generates clicks (which is what you should be trying to achieve if you want to use Pinterest as a traffic driver to your website).

So here are just 5 simple tips that you can start to action on your personal or your client’s Pinterest account right now.

Create tall pins

All of your pins that you create should be tall pins. You will see that most action orientated pins are tall pins, and the ideal size of each pin is 600 x 900 pixels to allow it to display fully on a mobile device, as well as a desktop too. It’s highly likely that most of your audience will use Pinterest on their mobile phone, and so tall pins are an absolute essential. A tall pin will also allow you to display all the content that you need for a successful pin design.

Create your pin content and pin design

This is the most important bit. The pin needs to includes a title, an image, call to action and your logo if you are a business. There are plenty of freebies fonts that you can choose to write your title or hook with. The copy for this title is possibly one of the most important elements of your pin; it need to hook the viewer in, it needs to entice the viewer to click your pin, and it needs to give the viewer a reason for repinning it to one of their own boards. For example “How to’s……”  work really well. Basically anything that offers a viewer advice, tips, ideas or inspiration will do well on Pinterest.

In addition to this, your pin design should include an image that works with your chosen fancy font, and your logo. It’s really important to include your logo so that viewers start to recognise who you are and associate your pins with your business name too! I would recommend that you create a series of pin templates that you can use over and over again for different purposes, different blog posts or different website pages or products.

5 tips for creating clickable Pinterest pins


Don’t be put off by this phrase. These are really important for Pinterest, and your pin description should be littered with them that relate to your pin content. Now, I’m going to let you into a little tip here…..it’s easy, so here’s what I do to find my keywords. First of all go to Pinterest, search your topic that’s related to the pin that you are creating, a series of pins will appear, and above these are coloured boxes with similar search terms in. Dot these words where relevant throughout your pin description box. As a writer and content creator this is one of the favourite things that I love about creating new pins for Pinterest. It’s really important that this description is packed with keywords as this is how anyone searching for related content in the Pinterest search bar will find your pin.

Make your pin relevant

I’ve hinted at this already but your pin needs to be relevant. It needs to serve a purpose. Think about how you can create something that is useful for someone else. There are so many ways that you can take an existing web page and blog post and create a pin for it to drive traffic. For example I have content on my blog about our house renovation, and I’ve created pins on hacking an IKEA kitchen, and how to create a traditonal yet modern living room. You may need to be clever with wording, but they’ll always be a way to create a clickable pin for pretty much any product. I challenge you to create and design a few today.

Create different pins

Lastly create different pins for the same content piece or web page. There is absolutely no harm in doing this (in fact it’s a good thing) and this relates back to my point about having a series of different templates. For every blog post, web page, or product that you have, create a range of pins for it. Personally I try to create 3 pins for each blog post. You can then pin these to your different boards, but avoid re-pinning as Pinterest favours a new pin each time. Also try to avoid pinning the same pin to different boards consecutively, you should allow 3 days in between.

I hope that this has given you loads of tips. If there is anything you would love to know drop me a line.

Claire x

5 tips for creating clickable Pinterest pins

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