Is the parenting blog dead?

Is the parenting blog dead?

Hell no! The world of parenting blogging and social media is changing all the time. Since I set up my blog just over a year ago, I’ve seen the value of blogging change so much. It’s not just the change in value and opportunities we get from blogging, it’s the technology too. As the rise of the parenting blogger grows, here are five things I see as the future for the parenting blog.

  • There will be more and more parenting blogs set up and created every day, with each blog vying for attention in the parenting blogging world to be given the opportunity to work with brands to monetise their blog. Currently there is a trend for parents to want to work from home, with the high cost of childcare and the juggle, working from home is a sensible option. I’ve found that blogging is just one way to work from home, and generate an income flexibly on your own time.
  • As more people wish to have their little piece of the internet to share their experiences and have their voice heard, then blog content should be getting better and better. This is linked to my first point where we want our blog to make us a living. To do this successfully content is King (or should I say Queen). It’s all about creating content that people want to engage with and that they can relate to.
  • There will definitely be more video content. Bloggers will be creating vlogs, Facebook or Instagram stories. With more and more brands requesting video content from their bloggers, this will be something we start to see a lot more.  At the same time as technology changes and advances, like with the ease of Facebook and Instagram stories on your smartphone, we will start to see more short snapshots of content being published this way. I know that as I’ve seen it, and I do it to promote a product or something interesting that I am doing which I know my readers would love to see.
  • Instead of writing lengthy blog posts on day to day life, there is a trend where parenting bloggers are choosing to share their experiences on Instagram or Facebook, and writing lengthy text underneath the image. This is far more convenient and easy for the parenting blogger, who might have little time whilst looking after their children. Plus it’s a great way to share your content quickly with a large audience, by adding a lot of hashtags.
  • Lastly we will see an increase in the number of parenting bloggers using Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms offer a far more compelling and visual way of telling a story to their readers. These two platforms have become my platforms of choice, as I’m able to engage better with other bloggers and my audience than via Twitter. To begin with Twitter was my favourite, where I quickly built up a following here. However I use Twitter less so to engage with my audience, and more of a platform to promote my posts.

So that’s what I see as the future of blogging for parenting bloggers. As technology and social media change, who knows what’s next. Only the future will tell if my predictions come true. I’ve written this as part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging –

What do you think is the future of the parenting blog? How do you think it will change from how it is today?

Claire x


  • Sunita

    You’re so right. The good thing about the online space is that there’s room for everyone. I’ve encouraged a few friends to set up their own blogs. It’s amazing seeing their blogs grow. We all have talents and we all have something to say! Plus people will forever be entering parenthood so they will be using online resources more and more to help them through it. So yes patenting blogs are here to stay and the more the merrier. Fab blog post. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Emma

    Oooh now this is interesting. I have written a post for a couple of weeks time about the changes I see happening. There are some differences in what we think…..

  • Sarah - Mum & Mor

    I used to blog way back in the early 2000s, and it’s become much more social-media orientated nowadays. Back then you had no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, so you tended to have many more blog visitors. I feel like the actual blogs themselves will go out of fashion and people will ‘blog’ on Facebook instead of taking out web hosting and such. I hope it doesn’t go that way, as I love to be creative with my blog designs.

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