My 5 favourite blogs - October 2017

Blogs I love

I love reading blogs. Being a blogger, reading other blogger’s blogs is part of blogging. I love taking a snoop into other people’s lives, reading their experiences, and leaving a comment. I find that reading of blog posts is a brilliant way to bounce ideas around in your head, and also to come up with your own content ideas. I have some favourite blogs that I follow and read frequently, that I would like to share.

My Petit Canard

I absolutely love reading Emily’s blog, and I almost have a little blog envy every time I read one of her posts. Her blog is beautiful, and is all about life with her little family. I also really enjoy watching Emily’s Instagram stories, and wish that I was brave enough to do a “day-in-the-life” everyday.

A Mum Track Mind

Fi’s blog is brilliant. Her posts are honest and I usually find myself nodding along as I read them. Fi offers brilliant advice to all working Mum’s, as well as sharing just how hard the work, life, blog juggle really is.

Bridie By The Sea

I really enjoy all posts from Bridie. I like how she has started to focus on days out with her daughter, and taking beautiful pictures. I also admire her honesty and can truly resonate with her post about not returning to work, having also done the same.

Lucky Things Blog

Sunita’s blog is a wealth of positivity. I see Sunita as a truly inspiring person that comes through in all her blog posts. If you are looking for career or well-being advice, or a little pick-me-up then head on over to Lucky Things blog.


I stumbled across this blog when Kirsty linked up to #fortheloveofBLOG, and I was captivated by her post about a holiday in Wales. Since then I’ve been following Kirsty’s blog and really enjoy watching her baking videos. She also bakes what looks like the most amazing cakes too!

Surrey Mama

This is a really new blog that I have been following recently. I loved reading about why Surrey Mama set-up her blog, and how she is enjoying blogging. I’m also really impressed that she has started to create You Tube videos so soon into her blogging journey.

So there you have it. That is just a few of my faves. There are so many brilliant bloggers, and it is impossible to capture them all. What blogs do you enjoy reading? Do you have a favourite blogger?

Claire x



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