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Week in Review #17

Another busy week here in London for us, I can’t believe that I am into the final weeks of maternity leave, time is flying! We had some really early starts this week, with our little one deciding that the day begins at 4am and 5am. These early mornings have certainly taken their toll on me and by 8pm I am ready for bed, so blogging has taken a back-seat whilst I try to clear my foggy head. Aside from that, here’s what we got up to last week:

Last Baby Sensory Class

We had our last Baby Sensory Class ever, I feel pretty sad about this as we have been going since our little one was 5 weeks old. It was a really good session based on a Water theme, so the babies all got to splash about in padding pools, and enjoy the underwater theme fabrics. Basically our course leader has a huge fabric which is held up in the centre of the sensory area, and all the babies lie underneath and are treated to a world of hanging fabrics and tassles to replicate the sea, and bubbles are blown underneath from a bubble machine – the babies love it! One of my NCT friends, also took some lovely photos of all the babies enjoying the session, so we have some lovely memories of the day.

For anyone considering Baby Sensory I would really recommend it, as I have seen huge changes in my little one’s development since going. I wrote a review of our Baby Sensory classes that you can read here.

Lunch and Soft Play

To end the week I enjoyed lunch with the girls at a local pub, which also offers a soft play session twice a week. Now that all our babies are crawling they are not happy to sit on our laps or in their buggies whilst we enjoy lunch and wine! This is our first experience of soft play, although it’s on a much smaller level to what I think of “soft play” it’s great to see my little one enjoying a ball pit, and crawling around on the foam floor tiles and between the foam shapes. It is such a good idea of the pub to create a soft play, keeping us Mum’s happy whilst we have a natter.

Baby free time

I was lucky this weekend to have some baby free time to have my hair cut and highlighted! I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had baby free time in the last 10 months, so this was really deserved. It is so important to have this time, to give you some head space and also so that our little one could spend some one-to-one time with her Dad. It was really weird to be out and about without a buggy, getting the tube without needing to think about lifts, and having a coffee in peace.

Nursery Intro Days confirmed

This week we also had our little one’s Nursery intro sessions confirmed. She starts nursery at the end of next month, and the nursery have lined up 5 sessions from 30 minutes to 2 hours long in the run up to her start date. I really hope that these sessions go well, and that she is happy at the nursery we have chosen for her. No doubt I’ll be writing a blog post on our experience.

New Buggy

We purchased a new buggy this week for holiday, as I simply cannot bring myself to take our Bugaboo on a plane running the risk of it being damaged. It’s also not the smallest of buggies, and we needed something smaller and collapsible to fit in our hire car. We chose the Silver Cross Pop in Wasabi, which had £40 off in Mothercare at the time of purchase – so that was an added bonus. The best thing about it is the hood, which is huge and can be pulled right down, acting as a sun shade which is so important for us, as our little one hates having the sun in her eyes. We’ve already been out on a test run, and so far she loves being in it, possibly because she’s facing forward and is not all tucked up in a foot muff.


A massive milestone has been reached – she is now fully crawling! I no longer live in the security that she will be ok in one place. Nothing is safe anymore. She is a lover of the soil in the plant pot, and our Internet booster – these are her number 1 places to crawl to. Why can’t she just crawl to her toys!

I hope you enjoyed reading about week.

Claire x



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