Week in Review #14

After a lovely week in Wales our last week back in London was so busy, and lovely and warm too. It’s amazing how the sunshine can you make you feel so happy. Here’s a look back at my week with the little one:

Visit to the Horniman Museum

We started the week with a visit to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, South London. The museum is fantastic for children (and parents too) it has so much to offer – Aquarium, Natural History and Dinosaur section, Gardens, Animal Walk, and an outside Hands On area. On Saturday there is also a lovely Farmer’s Market where you can buy fresh produce.

On our visit to the museum, we went to the Aquarium as we thought the babies would enjoy seeing the different lights in the fish tanks, and the brightly coloured fish. Our little one decided that the Aquarium visit would be ideal time for taking a nap, so I got to enjoy it more so. I felt like a big kid trying to spot all the different types of fish in the tanks, and the different types of frogs too. We will definitely be taking her again, and hopefully this time she will be awake, even if it is nap time.

The cafe in the museum is also fantastic, serving huge portions of carb loaded food, perfect for a slight hangover from a few drinks the night before. We sat outside, and had so many pigeons under our feet, wanting to eat the dropped food from the babies. It was pretty scary when they all flew off at once and clipped their wings on my face!!! PIGEON ATTACK!!!

The gardens within the grounds of the museum are fab, there is a small outdoor zoo with Alpaca’s, Goats, Pigs and Rabbits. Our little one loved seeing the Alpaca’s, it was funny watching her in her buggy getting excited when they moved. As well as the zoo there is an outdoor hands on area, with huge wooden zylophones and drums where you can test out your music skills. The gardens are lovely too, but will be even nicer when more plants and flowers are in bloom in the Summer.

Trip to see a friend in West Sussex

We also went to visit one of my friends from University in West Sussex on the train. This was my longest train journey was the little one, and involved a change of trains. Our little one loved watching the world whizz past out of the train window, I’m so glad that kept her entertained for an hour whilst sitting on my lap. We had a lovely afternoon having a picnic lunch, catching up and enjoying tea and cake in the sunshine. It was nice to accomplish getting out of London on my own with the little one for the first time.

Returning to work

I also have ticked off one of my goals for this month by agreeing with work what days and hours I will be doing when I return to work. This is a huge weight off my shoulders, as I really didn’t know what I wanted to do – you can read my blog post all about that here. I’ve decided that I will go back full-time! Four days working in the office, when my little one is in nursery, and then one day a week at home. We’ve agreed to see how it goes, as I’m not sure how easy it will be working with a litle one at home – I can imagine it will be a long day. We can only trial it to see. I’ve also lined up some Keep In Touch days too for later in June.

Guest co-hosting #KCACOLS

Last week I loved guest co-hosting #KCACOLS with Franca, and the lovely Maria from Suburban Mum. This was a brilliant opportunity and I loved it, from sending out the promotional tweets to my followers -including all the #tribalchat ladies who helped with retweeting and submitting posts, retweeting all the Twitter posts submitted to the Linky, and then reading and commenting on so many brilliant blog posts. I also found my love again for Pinterest, I can’t believe I hadn’t used it for so long, this will soon be launching for The Pramshed.

It was eye-opening to see how much work goes in to managing a linky, and a great experience reading new blogs and getting to know other blogger’s who I’ve not come across before. If anyone is interested in setting up a Linky I would really recommending guest co-hosting to see how they work.

#fortheloveofBLOG Linky

Which then takes me onto the #fortheloveofBLOG Linky. Last week I was asked by the lovely Fi over at A Mum Track Mind if I would like to co-host a Linky with her. I jumped at the opportunity as it had been something I’d been thinking of doing since I started blogging and knew what a Linky was. However I knew that I couldn’t manage a Linky alone just because of the time that needs to go into managing and running one, so I was really excited when Fi asked if I would co-host with her.

Last week I designed the badge in PicMonkey, got that converted into code, and then started promoting the Linky on Twitter and on my blog. We are really excited to be launching on Saturday so watch this space and my Twitter feed for the Linky being live…..can’t wait!!!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my week in review.

Claire x



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