April Bucket List

Here’s how I did on my March Bucket List:

Bake a least one Cake – FAIL! I have not baked one cake, but I have eaten a lot of cake. Whenever I have had time in the kitchen I’ve either been cooking food for our little one or cooking dinner for us.

Improve my blog – What have I done? I’ve made some subtle changes to include some basic functionality that I was missing before, can’t believe I missed off the Follow Me button in WordPress, and also the Email Subscribe button. (doh!). I’ve also updated the order of the side bar so that the important badges now feature at the top. I’m feeling really pleased with my stats too, with 1618 followers on Twitter, and 15 blog posts published. I’ve also noticed a steady rise in traffic to approx 50 views per day, this may seem low but I’ve only been blogging for 3 months so I’m pretty pleased with that. Increased Twitter presence, participating and commenting Linky’s and joining #tribalchat I think are the reasons for increased traffic.

Clean the oven -I have half cleaned the oven, it still needs a proper deep clean with the Oven Pride that is still sitting in the cupboard, but I have scraped off all the burnt on food on the oven trays.

Be happy with how weaning is going – Our weaning journey has been a little tricky this month what with teething, and only wanting to eat yoghurt. Prior to the teething we were getting on well with tomato based food….spag bol, chilli, etc….I would like to see our little one eat more finger food.

Sort out little one’s admin – I have not done this, but I have sorted out the pile of house admin (does this count?) I’ll add this back to the bucket let for April.

Here’s my April Bucket List:

Decide on what I want to do when I return to work – At the end of this month it’ll be 8 weeks until I go back to work. By the end of this month I want to have a plan in place on what hours and working practices I want to be doing when I return, and share this with my manager and HR.

Introduce fish into our little one’s diet – I don’t eat fish and I know that I need to introduce fish into her diet. I have some fish in the freezer, so the plan is to make a fish pie with that.

Defrost the freezer – Big job, it needs doing, as it’s taking to much energy from the fridge as it’s so iced up. I also struggle to get the draws to close too. So this month, I need to eat all the food and defrost it without causing a flood in the kitchen.

Blog – I would like to reach 2,000 followers on Twitter, complete the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and grow traffic to my blog.

Admin – As I completely failed to sort out little one’s admin last month, it needs to be done this month.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I’l let you know how I get on at the end of the month.

Claire x

Cuddle Fairy


    • The Pramshed

      Ooh thank you that means a lot! Yes it’s all very achievable even with a week away during the middle of the month. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Claire x

    • The Pramshed

      Yes I really hope so. I also thought of another goal that I would like to do is to try to read a book a month. Since having our little one I’ve only read 1 book, not enough considering I love reading. Thanks for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum

    Only 3 months in and your at an average of 50 views a day, I’d say that’s pretty darn awesome 🙂 I think your goals for this month are really achievable, I’m starting to think about work too. I know when I went back after our first baby I felt a lot better once I’d sorted out my hours so fingers crossed you feel the same 🙂 x

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you although this has only started to happen recently, I think it’s being involved in about 6 Linkys a week, which is hard to manage sometimes with Linky back-log! I hope that I have sorted out work by the end of the month, at least made a near decision on what I’m doing with my day when little one isn’t in nursery. Thanks so much for reading, commenting and sharing hun :). Claire x

  • islandliving365

    Well done on eating a lot of cake, I reckon that still counts. Also I am seriously impressed that you have cleaned half of the oven. I really need to do ours, it is disgusting! I am quite ashamed of it. Also good work on the changes to the blog and your improving daily stats. Really good! #bloggerclubuk

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you! Only minimal blog changes, not sure if they have any impact but it all counts. I’ve just eaten some cake now ha ha! The oven and freezer are both big jobs that I need to properly completed, rather than dipping in and out when little one gives me 5 minutes. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Claire x

  • Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Sounds like a great list for this month, I hope you get everything ticked off. I hope everything gets easily sorted out with your going back to work

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you, I’m sure once that work item is ticked off my list it’ll be a weight of my shoulders. Thanks for reading and commenting, I’ll let you know how I get on at the end of the month. Claire x

  • mudpiefridays

    Love the idea of a monthly to do list – I should so do this as its all in my head the majority of the time and something envitably gets missed!! I’ve not heard of #TribalChat before will be checking that one out. You are doing brilliant for only 3 months 🙂 good luck with increasing your Twitter following. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUk xx

    • The Pramshed

      Thank you! I can’t believe I’ve only been blogging for 3 months sometimes, it has flown by. You should check out #tribalchat it’s a great way to meet other bloggers. I hope I manage to tick off all my goals, nearly halfway through the month – eek. Watch this space. Claire x

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