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How to holiday in Spain on a budget

We are always trying to save money especially when it comes to holidays. Family holidays during the school holidays can be very expensive as tour operators, hotels and airlines decide to whack their prices right up to capitalise on it being the only time that families with school aged children can holiday. However fear not, if you fall into this net it is still possible to travel abroad and have a fantastic family holiday in the sunshine. If you’re off to Spain this year, like we are, or planning a future trip to Spain, here are some of my top tips to help you save money. Or you can also click here to see some fantastic deals to Spain.

Book in advance

When I say in advance, I mean as far as a year in advance. Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert let me into a little secret that when EasyJet release their seats for future bookings these are the cheapest the flights will ever be. So it’s best to keep your finger on the pulse and book your flights as soon as the seats are released, as they will only keep going up. I believe that EasyJet do this every quarter and probably all the other airlines do the same as well. We booked our flights to Spain in October last year, and paid half the price that we had paid the previous year.

A typical Spanish street in Spain ideal for a family holiday day out

Take your own baby bits and pieces

Nappies and formula milk are really expensive in the supermarkets in Spain. To avoid this extra cost you can pre-order these items and collect them from Boots in the airport airside (once you’ve passed through security). This will mean you haven’t got to cram your suitcases full of nappies taking up precious room for your clothes. But it will mean you have extra to carry onto the flight, so just keep that in mind.

Go self catering

Family holidays are so much easier if you hire your own villa or apartment. You’ll have more room, maybe your own pool, and it also means that you will probably avoid sharing your room with your children that you may have to do in a hotel. It also means that you can buy all your own food, saving you money on eating out. There are plenty of supermarkets where you can stock up on your own fresh meats, cheeses, fruits and veg. Not to mention the really well priced wine and beer, which is a fraction of the price it is in the UK. As well as this you can eat on your own time too!

Spanish meats and cheeses on a table where a family are enjoying a self catering holiday

Check car hire prices in advance

We booked our car hire nearly a year ago through an umbrella company and in that time frame prices do change. As we booked through an umbrella company who provided us with the best deals from a number of car operators we were able to switch to a better deal saving us about £40. Just make sure you check the terms and conditions, how much insurance you will expect to pay, and whether you need to bring the car back with a full or empty petrol tank. This will avoid being stung with extra costs once you arrive at your destination.

Eat like a local

One of the best things about being on holiday is eating out, and if you’re on a budget you can definitely still eat out. There will be plenty of tapas bars where you can eat like a local and experience the real taste of Spain, and you should find these to be a lot cheaper than the fancier restaurants that might be on the beach front or around a marina. You will also find that many restaurants have a menu del dia, which is a set 3 course meal and this could be as low as 10 euros per person. This is a total bargain, and often it’s the traditional Spanish food that features on this menu.

So those are my top tips for travelling to and enjoying a holiday in Spain on a budget, or at least helping you to save money.

Are you about to go to Spain or are you planning a trip to Spain, I would love to hear how you are trying to save money?

Claire x

How to holiday in Spain on a budget

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