You at 26 months

You, at 26 months

Wow what a month, you are slowly becoming an all-talking and demanding little person. I think that happens around about this age. You are so aware of the world, and can now put a sequence of events together, and tell people what you did that day. Impressive. It’s been a crazy, lovely and busy month for us and here are just a few things that you are doing at 26 months old.

  • You have enjoyed another two trips to Wales. Yes, it does feel like we’ve been on holiday every single weekend for the past two months. You had a great time playing with your cousins, and chasing them round the farm. Even handing out a few kisses or two.
  • You are now settling into nursery with no tears. Win. This is a big step after every drop off being a crying and screaming affair. I’ve discovered that sitting you down at the table for the breakfast does the trick. Ready Brek is too tempting.
  • You want to walk everywhere. This is beginning to become a bit of a problem, but it’s your way of exploring the world and gaining your independence. The frustration is when you don’t want to walk and we are at least 30 minutes from home. Then there’s frustration on both sides.
  • You love Mr Tumble. I say no more.
  • You really enjoy singing. I’ve heard from the nursery staff that you sing all day, and you sing in your buggy and you sing when you’re going to sleep at night. Your favourite song is a mash-up of The Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

You at 26 months

  • Your appetite is back although porridge remains a firm favourite. I really must start getting you to eat other foods at home like fish, and if you ate bread life would be a lot easier.
  • You want Mummy to be by your side all day long. I don’t think that you’re in a particularly clingy phase at the moment, but you love asking me to sit next to you, and sitting on my knee whilst I read you a story.
  • You have a weird dislike of the bath after enjoying them for so long. The only way that we can get you to go into bath is with a pair of ski goggles, and you pretend you’re swimming with them on.
  • You really the enjoy the rough and tumble play with Daddy when he gets home from work, although it often ends up with a couple of tears from you when you’ve misjudged how hard the arm of our sofa is.
  • Lastly you love to tell us where all the family members are and repeat that they are “at home” or “Daddy is at work with his back pack”. So cute.

So that’s a quick snapshot of you at 26 months. You’re doing so well, keep on learning and we’ll see what you’re up to at 27 months. Maybe potty training!

Mummy x

You at 26 months

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