You, at 21 months

You, at 21 months

This week you turned 21 months old.  Every month is racing past and we are getting closer and closer to your 2nd birthday, it feels like only yesterday I was writing your 20 month update. This month you have been working hard on your skills and speech, and I have watched you grow and grow everyday. Here’s some of the new things you are doing at 21 months old.

  • You want to dress yourself in the morning and when getting ready for bed. Often getting ready has ended up with your trousers on your head, or your arm through the neck of your jumper. It’s really cute, and I can see you getting more and more independent every day.
  • You would like a biscuit all the time. This started of by being really sweet when you would come up to me and ask for a biscuit. Now it’s all the time, and if I don’t give you a biscuit then mayhem breaks out.
  • You love playing on outdoor toys especially with the cosy coupe or “bus” as you call it. Like last month you love being outside, and would quite happily play outside all day long.
  • You have started to want to play with other children. I saw this during our long weekend in Cheshire when you wanted to play with your cousins. This is the first time I’ve seen this, and they loved playing ball with you in the garden, and walking you through the bushes.
  • You have become so much more affectionate with Mummy and Daddy. If I ask for a “hug” I get a hug. You also know that with my recent hernia operation you can hug my legs or arms, just not my tummy.
  • You have become a little shy around others when I am in the room. I noticed this when I picked you up from nursery and your key worker was talking to you. You instantly looked away and smiled shyly, I think that if I had not been there you would have talked back.
  • You call out for Mummy or Daddy in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if you’re having a bad dream or have just woken up wanting us. Recently and more often you have woken up asking for us and crying, I’m hoping that this is just a phase you’re going through and you’ll return to a full nights sleep soon.
  • You have grown. Now obviously this would happen, but I have noticed in the recent weeks you look taller and you’re tummy looks bigger (that must be all the biscuits).
  • You have started to put a couple of words together in a really short sentence. Your nursery is teaching you well, and some of the things you are saying are “Are we ready” and “Are we happy”.
  • You are starting to make choices by choosing what cereal you would like in the morning for breakfast. Every morning at nursery you have a choice of Weetabix, Rice Krispies, or Porridge, with Rice Krispies being your favourite.
  • You know what a car and bus is, and point at these as we walk home from nursery together. Just like last month your transport vocabulary is growing, the latest is helicopter, which is “A tak tak”.

Looking back at your 21 month update compared to your 20 month update you are growing up so fast. You’re becoming a little person who is learning so much everyday about the world, but also a little girl who is becoming very loving and affectionate too.

Mummy x

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