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Why I can’t be Super Mum today

It’s 10.38am on a Sunday morning, I’m still in bed, still in my pyjamas, with a cup of Lemsip beside me. The husband has taken my daughter out, thank god, and I’m sitting here thinking about the mess downstair, the piles of washing that need to be put away, and the dishwasher that needs emptying.

Being sick when you’re a parent is super hard, there really is nothing quite like it, and I’m feeling guilty about the housework and not spending time with my family this weekend. I’m definitely not feeling like Super Mum today.

I think for the last nearly 2.5 years I’ve been Super Mum in our household. Dealing with everything, and carrying on. However this cold has certainly got the better of me, especially at 3.30am this morning when you nearly found me crying into my hot water and lemon, with a runny nose and a head full of pain.

It’s funny because last weekend my husband had exactly the same thing, or flu, maybe not so much of a cold, and spent the entire weekend in bed apart from a trip to the park. I bet that he wasn’t worried about the housework or keeping the little one entertained. Sure he felt awful and was worrying about actual “work work” but I think that we have different priorities especially when it comes to being sick.

Having said that he did a wonderful thing yesterday and took my daughter to Mothercare to choose her first bedding for her toddler bed, as well as buy her some PJ’s, and then treated me to lunch. Fortunately the first night without a Gro-Bag went really well, and I’m glad that the new toddler bedding didn’t keep me awake.

I think for a lot of us we put so much pressure on ourselves that we have to do everything, we have to do all the housework, and there’s always that constant feeling of staying on top of our game. I know that I’m guilty as hell of feeling that way.

So right now at this very moment at time I’m choosing not to be Super Mum, and not to be a parent, that is until they come back from the park. The housework can wait until tomorrow or Tuesday, and for now I just need to focus on getting back to my Super Mum self.

As you can see this is a really short post from me, just in case you were worried about where I was. Don’t worry I’m still here, just finding it a little difficult to focus with the sinus pain.

Does anyone have any top tips on how to stay Super Mum whilst you’re under the weather? And to stop feeling guilty that there’s always something to do?

Claire x

P.S This is not a sympathy post, just a little rant about the guilty feeling of not being “Super Mum” every now and again.



    Ahh lovely, I’m feeling like that at the moment. It’s so hard to get everything done. My washing is piled up, I even went to work today in a shirt that wasn’t ironed – I couldn’t take my fleece off all day, but it was cold so that was ok!! Being a mum is super hard. We all do our best. Rest up and I hope you feel better soon xx

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