When Should You Start Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party is not as easy as one, two, three, go! It involves a lot of logistics and will require you to produce your best organizational skills. Depending on how big you want your celebration, money and time are critical.  Everything is going to be simpler if you have a checklist. This schedule will allow you to manage expectations and take off some of the pressure. In the end, you will achieve a successful birthday party that everyone will remember. Below is a guide timeline to managing your birthday planning process. 

Two months before the party

It’s time to start planning the party. What should you do during this day? One important thing to do is decide what theme your birthday should have. This includes choosing the colours, style, music to be played, and the mood of the day.   

It is also essential to make your guest list early so that you can tailor to your guests. At this point, it is wise to get your DJ notified for him/her to start preparing. Remember, the DJ will be one of the most instrumental people on your birthday. With your guest list in mind, select the most suitable music. For ease you can let the DJ decide on the songs to play that best suit your party and your guests attending. 

The venue and the size of the party should also be decided as early as two months before the birthday. With that in mind, you have enough information to come up with the budget. Allocate enough for drinks, foods, and decorations. Also, set aside enough money to pay your entertainers and DJ.

Six weeks to go….

It is still early and you still have plenty of time to spare. At this stage, it is time to start ticking “done” on your checklist. Ensure at this stage you are not late on any task to avoid any last minute decisions. 

The music to be played on your big day should be ready. The DJ should have started any early rehearsals for your big day if needed, and you should be booking the venue. With your to-do list ready, you should now be implementing your plans.  

Ensure you know every detail about your venue. Any limitations or privileges you’ll enjoy on your day should be known around this period. Perhaps your guests already know of your upcoming birthdate. It is time to get them in the mood. Remind them of the upcoming date and get them excited about the birthday party. 


Once month to go….  

Remember, there’s no party without guests. This is the time to start sending out the official invites. Reach out to all your guests with your invites and encourage them to attend. 

This is also the time to go back to your venue and ensure your spot is still reserved. Some venue admin act greedy by giving out reserved spaces in the name of first paid first served. You do not want to be a victim of this. It is the case, especially if you make reservations way early before your date of the event.  

Two weeks to your birthday  

With only two weeks to go everything should be nearly ready. From the plans to the style to everything concerning the party. It is time to start creating the hype reminding your guests of the coming day. Let them know the big day is a few moments away and set their expectations high.   

A week to the party  

The party is so close and you only have a few days to go. By now every bill or deposit should have been paid. Your DJ should have at received deposit payment, and your venue and organisers account should be settled. 

Look at your checklist and ensure everything is done. Rehearsals should be underway, and everyone expected to participate should confirm their readiness. You cannot afford to have things go wrong on your big day because of an individual or lack of preparedness.  

Three days to the party  

Start sending daily reminders to your guests who confirmed attendance. Do this until the last day of the celebration. This gives no one a reason to miss your party, claiming they forgot. Even if it means calling them, do so. Sending a text or WhatsApp message is cheaper and convenient. The goal is to set the right mood and maintain it until the party is over. But don’t bombard people otherwise they may not come. 

It would be best if you met your entertainment team for three days for the party. Remind them of what role they will play and how important they are. Go through the playlist and review the music and programme of the day. You may wish to update the music list at this point too!  

On the day  

Wake up early in the morning and prepare yourself. Revisit the venue and ensure everything is in place. Confirm your entertainment team is ready and let them set things up early. Follow up any guests you think may drop out at the last minute, and most importantly relax. All the hard work is done and it is now time to celebrate. 

When should you start planning a birthday party?

We hope this blog post has helped you. However if you need help to prepare adequately, check out this Birthday Entertainment to hire an entertainment specialist.   

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