Review: Snowconut Sticks from The Coconut Collaborative

Review: Snowconut sticks from The Coconut Collaborative

On a hot sunny day there is nothing better than a cold ice-cream. And, with all the hot weather recently, we have been loving ice-cream, almost having it on a daily basis. Shhh! Don’t tell Daddy. So, when the lovely people at The Coconut Collaborative asked us if we wanted to try a couple of their Snowconut Sticks we couldn’t say no.

It was almost as if they had planned it, the Snowconut Sticks arrived at the end of a very long hot day in London, just when my daughter had finished her dinner. She chose to have a Little Coco Nutters Vanilla Snowconut Stick, and I went for a very refreshing Mango Dipped Snowconut Stick.

Well what can I say, they were both delicious. I think I ended up finishing hers before it melted into her hands.

So what’s so special about this range from The Coconut Collaborative. A few things, let me tell you:

  • All the Snowconut Sticks are completely dairy free. That’s because they are made from frozen coconut yogurt.
  • The Little Coco Nutters Vanilla Snowconut Sticks and all other products in the range are gluten free too, so they are perfect for your children if they suffer from any allergies.
  • As well as being dairy and gluten free, all products are sugar-free too. Although the Mango Dipped Snowconut Sticks do contain natural fruit sugars in its mango coating.
  • Coconut is also super healthy for you and your child. It is packed with vitamins, friendly fats, electrolytes (perfect for staying hydrated) and minerals.
  • The Coconut Collaborative is fully supportive of sustainable produce, supporting local coconut farms, by planting coconut trees, supporting the farmers and charities across the globe.

We also tried and tested the Chocolate Dipped Snowconut Sticks which were yummy. These are aimed more at adults, obviously as they are chocolate, and were the first to go in our house.

Review: Snowconut Sticks from The Coconut Collaborative

Not only do The Coconut Collaborative make frozen delights, they also produce a range of yogurts too. From natural, to strawberry, to mango and passion fruit, to blueberry, there is bound to be one for you. Just like the Snowconut Sticks all the yogurts are dairy, gluten and sugar free. I’m already looking forward to tasting the blueberry one.

Thank you to the The Coconut Collaborative for our bundle of delights, we loved them, and I would recommend these to any parent wanting healthy treats for their child, and themselves.

Claire x

I was provided with the Little Coco Nutters Vanilla Snowconut Sticks, Mango Dipped Snowconut Sticks and Chocolate Dipped Snowconut Sticks in exchange for this review.


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