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A Guide to Which Indoor Faux Plants to Choose

Plants can add beautiful color and texture to any indoor space to make the place look warm and welcoming. This is because natural elements energize the mind and body of the people around instantly. Decorating indoors with live plants can have many hassles. However artificial plants have solved all associated troubles of the live plants and have turned out to be the smartest indoor landscaping choice.

Landscaping of commercial or indoor spaces can benefit a business or home. Many players crowd the present commercial arena, and you have to be creative for surviving the competition. For this reason, choosing indoor landscaping plants for commercial spaces is a bit tricky, as you have to consider many factors. Whether it is the conference room, or the welcoming area of a large corporate house, or the reception area and rooms of the luxury hotels, or the indoor of a healthcare facility, or any other business indoor you may think of, the artificial plants add elegance and style making the place inviting and captivating.

Not every indoor space is equal. They have their requirements to convey the business theme, quality and class. While there is a wide variety of artificial plants, flowers, and other landscaping elements, you have to find the most suited product to create a distinct personality to the interior. Let’s discuss some features and fake plant types for boosting up your interior.

Customization is the key to success

While there are a plethora of plants available for indoor decoration, you must keep in mind that filling you’re indoor space with a standard type of plant will not be sufficient for delivering best results. If your landscape does not speak your business, then you are going to miss out. So, you must have tailored plants that will define your space making the indoor unique and attractive.

Indoor faux plants

Choose the fire retardant plants only

While doing the interior planting, you can never ignore the safety considerations. There are instances where the fake landscaping elements help spread fire. Artificial plants are made of plastic material, and, therefore, they are likely to catch fire. While selecting indoor plants tall or any other product you must check whether those are made following ThermaLeaf technology. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are injected into the foliage making those inert to flaming. These pass all fire tests and falls in line with the state fire requirements.

Use the fade resistant types only

There are many indoor space that have large windows or glass walls that are flooded with ample sunlight. In case, your dream landscape fades after a few months, all your efforts and money will be washed down the drain. You should stick to the fake landscaping products that are manufactured following PermaLeaf technologies. Because in this process, special UV resistant chemical is infused into the foliage to make them totally inert to scorching rays of the sun.

Choosing the artificial plants

No matter what type of indoor space you have, if you are procuring replicated plants or getting a tropical plant hire for your indoor, you should consider the following: 

  • Space availability: It may be tempting to have a large indoor tree, but it may not be the most decent solution. You should choose one that melts with the available space.
  • Right size: Commercial silk plants are available in many shapes and sizes. When you are sure about your space, choose a size that will brighten up the place.
  • Place of installation: Not all fake plants fit all indoor corners. While revamping the indoor space with mimic plants, you must take the installation point into account.
  • Color: When you want to stay low in color in the indoor, opt for fake flowering plants with subtle color. For showering with a splash of color, choose fake geranium or peonies that have bright flowers and leaves.

Topiaries for elevating the space

Available in shapes like balls, cones, spirals, and pyramids, etc, these are great for adding a style accent to your indoor space. There are also many varieties like boxwood, Podocarpus, Bay Leaf and Ivy topiaries.

Artificial plants for making a decorating statement

Fake plants are great for interior landscapes. With their enchanting beauty and charm, these can transform a chaotic indoor space into a calm and quiet place. Choose anything from succulents to fall plants, grass to bushes for making your indoor simple but gorgeous.

Indoor faux plants

Artificial indoor trees can add a magical aura

These are the best option when you want to define an indoor space. There are many varieties including the fiddle leaf fig tree artificial, Rhapis Palm and tropical trees. You can also install fake flowering trees or fake fruit trees for adorning your indoors.

Bonsai trees make amazing indoors

Being uniquely crafted, these miniature tree replicas can elevate any business indoors to the next level. With their lush green leaves, detailed trunk and roots, these can make an everlasting impression on the visitors.

Flowering trees provide year-round bloom

These deliver superb ambiance to all types of commercial indoors. Available in many types and vibrant colors, the fake flowering plants can let you enjoy blooms throughout the year.

Desktop plants can stimulate your senses

Landscaping does not mean simply including some plants in any business place. With their exotic beauty, the desktop plants can make your reception, welcoming area or any other dark corner sensational and bright.

Hanging plants can make a heavenly indoor

Using hanging plants, you can create a cascading garden in your indoor space. Whether it is a museum lobby, corporate reception area or indoor or any other commercial setting you can add a splash of color using hanging plants.

Have you recently purchased any indoor faux plants to brighten up your living space or business? I hope you found these tips useful.

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A guide to which indoor faux plants to choose

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