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Your checklist for choosing the correct furniture for your conservatory

When it comes to choosing conservatory furniture for your home there are plenty of choices that you are going to need to think about. Tables, chairs, sofas and everything in between, they are all available and ready to claim their own place in the addition to your home.

So, considering this sheer volume of choice, where do you start? To help you along the way and to make sure that you have the best advice for choosing the right furniture for you. We have put together a checklist on choosing the correct furniture for your conservatory.

Choose furniture that matches in with your outside space not your indoor space

Style can be a difficult thing to consider when it comes to conservatory furniture. You are going to wonder whether or not it is going to match in with the interior design of your home or the outdoor space? We think that the best approach to take is to think about matching your conservatory with the rest of your outdoor space, after all the conservatory is more a part of your garden then it is your home.

Think about what you want your conservatory to be

Another important consideration is how you are going to use your conservatory. As this will have an impact on the type of furniture that you choose. Some people will decide to make their conservatory a private space that they can relax, unwind and collect their thoughts. Whilst others may see it as a social space where they can have the whole family together as well as invite some friends over too. Once you know what purpose your conservatory will have, you will be able to consider the right furniture for your conservatory.

Consider the roof

You will need to think about the practicalities of your conservatory and how it looks against the style of your home. If your conservatory has an existing glass roof you may want to add a tiled roof to it which will completely revitalise an old conservatory. Using a company like can help you do this, and also help to tie the style of your conservatory into the style of your home with a similar roof to match the main roof of your house.

Is Rattan the best choice?

When it comes to conservatory furniture, one poplar material that you are going to see is Rattan. The main reason for this is that Rattan is incredibly durable, which is ideal if you are looking to really limit the amount of impact the weather will have on your furniture. Not only this, but it is also available in a range of budgets too, which means that you can find exactly what you are looking for, usually in a variety of colours and finishing styles too.

Always consider the sunlight

One of the main reasons that conservatories are so popular is because they allow plenty of light to enter a room and create a beautifully illuminated space. However, the downside of this is that any furniture that you have in your conservatory is likely to be affected by the light shining on it on a regular basis. You will want to consider this when choosing your conservatory furniture and perhaps steer away from darker shades that are much more likely to show up the sun damage.

Make sure it is all washable

The conservatory is often a space that your family will all love. Some people decide to transform it into a dining room, whilst others may make it a family space. The thing with this is that there is a much greater chance that it is going to get messy. Having removable cushions and cushion covers as well as wipe clean materials means that you are going to be able to keep things clean and tidy with minimal fuss and stress.

Don’t be afraid to opt for colour

Finally, we have the question of colour. You so often see that the conservatory space within a home is decorated with neutral and muted colours. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case. Just as you would with any other part of your home, if you like the idea of having a bright and beautiful conservatory, then go for it. After all it is your space to decorate and furnish just as you want!

The conservatory in your home is an incredibly useful space. Not only does it extend your home and give you and your family a whole lot more space, but it also brings you closer to your garden too.  You can sit in your conservatory and relax, you can spend time with your family there, you can simply use it as a place to soak up the sunshine whilst still being in the comfort of your own home.

It is no secret that we love conservatories. When you pick the perfect conservatory furniture, you will be sure to find that you are going to love having this extra space in your house.  

Have you got a conservatory in your home? Or would you love one yourself?

Claire x

Your checklist for choosing conservatory furniture

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