Mums, You Can Be An Awesome Parent and Have a Job

Mums, You Can Be An Awesome Parent and Have a Job

If you’re a parent, then you’ve already got the best job in the world. Being in charge of a little bundle of joy doesn’t pay the bills, and sometimes it’s necessary to look for paid employment to help out with the household bills. This isn’t an easy decision to make, for a number of reasons, such as who will look after your child when you’re working, what jobs you’re qualified for, and so on. Below, we take a look at how you get a job even when you’re a full-time parent.

Figure Out You Need

The working world has never been more flexible. It’s possible to find a job that gives you as many hours as you want to work; it’s up to you. Before you start looking for work, figure out how much money you need to be taking home to be comfortable. You won’t want to work any more hours than necessary, not when you have a little one at home who can’t wait to see you!

Using Your Mummy Skills

You’ve enjoyed your role as a parent, so why not take the skills you’ve learned and take them to the job market? You’ll know how to handle children, show patience, stay calm under pressure, and a whole host of other skills that parents quickly learn when they’re in charge of youngsters. Take support worker jobs: in those roles, you’ll be using the skills you’ve learned during motherhood, and likely be able to work shifts that suit you. Other jobs in the health and social care industry are also particularly well suited to parents.

Working from Home

If you’re unable to work away from the house, or don’t need to have a stable income, then why not look at jobs that allow you to work from home? The internet has created many new roles which only need a computer and an internet connection to do. If you think you can spin a sentence or two, look at setting up your own parenting blog or writing an ebook for other parents. Jobs in web design are also abundant, and you’ll be able to teach yourself the skills to do this job well in a matter of weeks.

Help From Friends and Family

Of course, the main factor when it comes to juggling parenthood and employment is figuring out who will look after the children. This is where a degree of adaptability is crucial. Between your days off work, childcare groups, and roping in help from your friends and family, you can make sure that your employment doesn’t negatively affect your child in any way.

Giving Back

If you don’t need the money, but do want to challenge yourself, why not look into volunteering? Organisations are always looking for helping hands, and as you’ll be able to choose your own hours, it’s a great way to pick up a new skill, meet people, and challenge yourself – as well as give back. You can even take your child along with you!

Since becoming a parent have you ventured back into the world of work? It’s tough and as you can see there are plenty of options out there. I would love to hear from you.

Claire x

Cuddle Fairy


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