Does money make your world go round

Does money make your world go round?

Money. It’s a funny thing. It can make us happy, or it can drive us mad that we haven’t got enough of it to do exactly what we want to do. As well as this it can make a relationship, create a happy family life, and mean that we are comfortable living the day-to-day.

I know for sure that I couldn’t live without money, and I’m sure that many people reading this would agree. Money is needed to pay for the mortgage, pay for the food, pay the bills, and to buy a little treat for ourselves every now and again.

A recent survey carried out by Dr Becky Spelman revealed some really interesting facts about money especially when it comes to relationships and family life. Here’s what the survey revealed:

  • 36.1% of females found that money plays a part in how attractive you find a partner. To be honest I thought that this statistic would be higher as men are traditionally the main income providers to the household, and women are looking for that security. Maybe the rise of women going back to work after having children, or rising the career ladder as quickly as their male counterparts has created this fairly low statistic.
  • When going on a first date, 28.5% of men think that the bill should be split, whereas 56.1% of women feel that they should split the bill. These statistics are much higher for younger people aged 18 – 29, which shows that we are now growing up a in society where men and women are equals. I have always been of the mindset that the bill should be split, and secretly get annoyed with my husband if he ends up paying for everything.

Money on a first date

  • In terms of pursuing a relationship, 22.4% of men agree that how much a partner earns is important whereas 31.4% of women feel that money is an important factor. This is most likely because women still feel that men are the breadwinner in the household, and are looking for security. Just like the first point I am surprised that these statistics are not higher, and could show that the gender pay gap between men and women is slowly getting smaller, or that money is not seen as the be all and end all.
  • The next interesting point shows that we are not afraid to share our salaries with our partners, which is true especially when buying houses together, sharing the bills or having a joint account. Only 9.1% of men feel like they should keep their salary a secret, and 13.3% of women would do the same.
  • The last point that Dr Becky Spelman makes is an important one, and one for the future. 89.7% of men agree that they need to save for the future, and a huge 92.3% of women feel the same. In today’s society where the cost of living is rising, house prices are increasing, and the worry about what the financial future looks like for our children, it is really important that money is saved.

With all these points in mind it is clear that money really does have an impact on relationships and family life. It is good to see that these points are recognised by both men and women, and it certainly feels that the balance is shifting to be more equal between men and women especially when it comes to paying for things, and how important money is in a relationship.

It is evident that saving is really important and Shepherds Friendly can offer you plenty of advice on how to best to save for you and your family.

What I do know is that every couple will have their own views on money. Some people will want to be earning millions, whereas others are happy to be living comfortably. As long as your happy that’s what counts. Money is important, but love and respect is far more important in any relationship and for family life.

This is a really interesting topic and one that people will have completely different opinions on. I would love to hear your view of money in your household or in your relationship, and whether or not you feel that money does in fact make your world go round?

Claire x

Does money make your world go round

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