Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

Men can be pretty difficult to buy for, particularly when it comes to men’s anniversary gifts. Whilst it may make sense to consider the perfect gift for your man, spending hours trailing the internet, men can be simple creatures with simple desires.

As such, finding the perfect anniversary gift for your male other half is often a quandary that’s overlooked. However, if you’re really struggling to decipher exactly what it is the man in your life might be hoping for this year on the anniversary of your wedding then look no further.


The vast majority of men won’t care too much about the ‘vintage’ of a bottle of champagne, but when it comes to whisky and beer, they might be a little more discerning. A quality bottle of single malt scotch will always be appreciated, but if the man in your life isn’t a whisky fan then chances are he’ll appreciate a decent beer instead. We’re not talking about a 4 pack of Carling from the corner shop, but possibly a subscription to a craft beer club might do the trick?


Another fantastic gift is food! You could spoil them with luxury chocolates, cheese, biscuits or even fine beef jerky. There are so many different type of food gifts that you can treat your loved to on their birthday or anniversary. 

Gift Ideas for Men


For decades, the ‘nice watch’ has been the archetypal men’s gift. With good reason. There’s something undeniably classic and stately about a strong watch that will never go out of fashion. So, whether the man in your life is a technophile with a penchant for smart devices or a technophobe with a more classic taste, you could go for a top-tier Apple Watch or a beautifully crafted piece from Henry London. Either way, you’ll be met with smiles and appreciation.


Whilst it might have been seen as a child’s pastime in the 80s and 90s, video games are now a legitimate art form and whether your other half is 15 or 50, chances are that he plays video games. So, whilst it might seem unconventional, perhaps consider surprising him with the latest games console or new game as an anniversary gift. It might not seem romantic to you, but trust us – he’ll almost certainly appreciate it!


The advent or Red Letter Days and similar experiences have made anniversary gift buying that much easier in recent years. From brewery tours to balloon rides and everything in between, there is undoubtedly an experience to be bought that will delight and excite the man in your life. Is your bloke a petrol head that never misses an episode of Top Gear? Then an afternoon driving supercars would surely be the ticket. Or maybe he’s a hopeless football fan? Then why not consider a stadium tour of his favourite team’s ground? The options are endless.

If all else fails, ask his mates! And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Men might be simple creatures, but they are also romantics at heart.

Claire x

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men


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  • Karla

    My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. He loves it as much as I do. Something different. Unique and personalized.

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