The Most Desirable Oceanfront Cities in the World: One From Each Continent

The Most Desirable Oceanfront Cities in the World: One From Each Continent

The world is full of amazing homes that offer incredible views of the powerful waters of the earth. Living in these areas provides you with the warm comfort of the ocean along with the amazing health benefits that come from living near bodies of water. If you want to see some fantastic oceanfront cities, have a look at this great list, where we explore one from each continent. 

Oceanfront cities have always been popular with tourists and visitors from other inland areas, which makes them a popular spot for property investors. These cities are ideal for anyone who is looking to find amazing homes that have scenic views. We pored through lists of popular beachside cities to give you a good idea of which ones are popular on each continent so have a look at our choices. 


San Sebastian, Spain

The city is located right on the Bay of Biscay, and the economy is highly based on the local tourism industry, which brings in tons of money every year and has allowed the city to expand and flourish. The bay’s views are incredible day and night, and you can’t beat the amazing local nightlife, food, and culture. This is well known as being one of the most popular places to travel to in Europe for beach lovers, and its incredible scenery will blow you away. 

North America

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City has become a huge hot spot for local tourists who are looking to have some fun in the sun, and it has become a great place to consider for a short vacation. The city has plenty of excellent attractions that are catered to families and adults, so there is something fun for everyone to do. The view of the amazing Assawoman Bay is fantastic, but the other side of the city gives you incredible views of the ocean, so you get the best of both worlds. Investing in properties in this location is a fantastic idea, considering the rise of short-term rentals all over America. 


Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the most popular city in Nigeria, and it gives you some gorgeous views of the water that are set against a fantastic metro skyline. Many people come to visit the area to experience the amazing music, culture, and food of Nigeria, which has made it a popular place for tourists from all over the world. There are plenty of amazing apartments and condos all over the oceanfront that offers residents delightful views of the Gulf of Guinea, so it’s a great place to consider if you are looking for investment properties.  

The Most Desirable Oceanfront Cities in the World: One From Each Continent


Byron Bay, Australia

Australia is known all over the world for its surfing, beaches, and amazing culture, but people have been flocking from all over the world to visit their great oceanfront cities. Byron Bay is well known as being one of the most popular cities among those who are visiting from other countries, and its tourism industry has been thriving since the 1980s. The city has become a mecca for those who are interested in holistic living, natural wonders, or outdoor adventures, which has led to a tourism industry that brings in roughly 2 million visitors every year. 


Gili Islands, Indonesia

These amazing little islands are perfect for anyone that enjoys being surrounded by pristine waters and breathtaking views. It has become a popular destination for anyone who is interested in deep-sea diving or water exploration, and it has done an incredible job of maintaining a large tourism industry based on its beautiful waters. The area is also popular with honeymooning couples and families who are looking for a destination vacation that is unlike any other. 

South America

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America has some of the most amazing and unique beaches in the world, which makes it a popular choice for those who want a vacation in the beautiful sunshine. This city is home to one of the biggest beachside resorts in the area, and those who have visited were impressed by the amazing architecture that is featured all over the city. There are a large number of nightclubs, museums, and amazing cultural spots, so there is something for everyone to do when they visit this beautiful city. 

Oceanside cities are a great choice for anyone who is looking to invest in property as these areas are often highly trafficked vacation areas which means people will always be looking for a place to stay. They have also become popular with those who have found work-from-home jobs, which have allowed them to work from anywhere in the world. People love to live near the crashing waves and beautiful sand, so consider investing in some property in some of these great cities today. 

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