Decor Tips for a Modern Country Home

Decor Tips for a Modern Country Home

The biggest interior design trend right now is the modern country look which is a unique blend of comfort and style which makes it a great option for every type of homeowner. This can be an interior design style which can be simple to incorporate into your own home and here are a few effective methods for doing this:

Texture & Materials

The key aspect when it comes to mastering the modern country look is through the use of texture and materials. Rough, organic surfaces can create a rugged look which can then be contrasted through the use of soft, welcoming and modern furniture. Wood, brick, stone and metal are all used heavily to create this look especially when it comes to the walls.

Pattern Combinations

Pattern combinations can also work well with the modern country look and add visual appeal. Geometric and graphic prints, for example, create a cosy and welcoming feel and can contrast against the neutral colours of the walls.

Reclaimed Items

Reclaimed furniture has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last decade and it is a sensible choice because it is environmentally friendly but can also be highly stylish. Reclaimed furniture works well for the modern country look as it can create a quirky and vintage feel that works well for the country half of this interior design look.


In terms of colour, there are a few shades which are proving to be highly popular within this look. These include coral, charcoal, deep teal and mustard yellow – these can be used to create bold, striking areas which contrast against the more neutral, natural colours used elsewhere. These colours are best used for decorative touches like cushions, throws, artwork and rugs along with statement furniture pieces.


Storage is also important when it comes to the modern country look because it can help to reduce clutter. Items like wardrobes can be used to tidy items away and can look fantastic when you choose stylish items from places like Cotswold Co. Keep the home neat and tidy at all times to maximise this look and create a stylish yet welcoming home.

Decorative Touches

It is the decorative touches that tie the look together and add visual appeal. Items like wellington boots, umbrellas, flowers and baskets can create a homely feel that is so important with this aesthetic.

Modern country is an intriguing and unique interior design style which is rising in popularity right now. It is a look that works well because it creates a warm, cosy and welcoming feel which is so important in a home, but it can also look bold, unique and eye-catching. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need a country or modern home to accomplish this look and these tips should help you to accomplish the aesthetic.

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