Shutter blinds look great in a bay window and a traditional look to a period home

Styling our Living Room with Iconic Lights

Lighting has the ability to make or break a room, and one of the key features of our recently renovated living room is the lighting.  We decided to make this room our formal room in the house, or our adult room. It’s dark with gold touches, high ceilings and a slight feeling of grandeur. Our house had zero Edwardian features when we moved in two years ago, and one of the things that I tried to achieve was to put them back in, yet in a more modern way. We now have wooden window blinds, a tiled hearth, an opened up fireplace, traditional cornicing and a ceiling rose but with a modern feel, and quirky lighting.

Our completed living room

When I was considering lighting for the room I wanted the lighting to be fun, we’re not talking grand chandeliers here. The lighting had to work with the overall feel of the house, and contain a brass or gold elements, as we have plenty of that already scattered throughout the renovated downstairs of the property.

I absolutely adore lighting from Iconic Lights, and for the purpose of this blog post I was gifted these beautiful lights. The brass colour matches the style of the room, as well as bringing an element of fun to the room.

One of the things that I wanted to do was to style up this corner of the room next to the bay window. We still have pictures to put on the wall, but I love how the Iconic Cubik Gold Floor Lamp bounces the light around the walls from its exposed bulb. Currently available in gold or black, with a super heavy base that’s difficult to knock over, this is a stunning light for your home. It’s also really easy to put together too, you do need to buy the bulb seperately and it takes more of the unusual Halogen G9 bulbs that I ordered from Amazon. But once it’s on it is beautiful floor lamp made out of powder coated metal, giving it a slightly industrial feel too!

The Iconic Cubik Floor Lamp in the corner of our living room

A close up of the Iconic Cubik Floor Lamp

The other lamp that we love is the Pineapple Touch Table Lamp with a black shade. It’s fun and quirky, and matches the style of our house with its black shade, gold pineapple and gold base. It’s also really light too and easy to assemble when it arrives. It’s simple to use, there’s no need for a switch as you simple tap the base and the light turns on. There are three different light settings – low, medium, bright, allowing you to adjust the light to suit the mood of the room. In the evening we often have the light on quite low whilst we are watching TV.

Our bar unit displaying the Pineapple Touch Table Lamp

The Pineapple Touch Table Lamp

A close up of the Pineapple Touch Table Lamp

So if you’re in the middle of a house renovation or planning to update a room, do consider the lighting, it is just as important as the wall colour.

Claire x

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