How To Make Your Living Space More Private

How To Make Your Living Space More Private

Updating your home to make it more private is essential if you want to feel more relaxed and secure when you are spending time there chilling after a long day or week at work. 

Here’s how to update your home to make it feel more private and relaxing when you are spending time at home.

Add longer curtains

Adding longer curtains to your living space will ensure that when they are closed, you have complete privacy. 

At Roman Blinds UK, you can find new window coverings to enhance your living room’s privacy and ensure you feel more comfortable in your home. Roman blinds will enhance your interior aesthetic as well as how private you feel in your home, so they are a great feature to invest in.

Move to the living room to the back of your house

If you feel that your living space isn’t private enough as it is at the front of your home, you might wish to consider changing your floor plan and moving your living room to the back of your house. 

This means it will back onto your garden and you will no longer need to worry about people walking past being able to see into your space when you are relaxing there. 

If you have low windows, tint or frost them

If you have very low windows in your living space and you feel people can see straight in, frost or tint your windows as this it will make it impossible to see through. 

Or, you can add reflective materials to the window’s external side so nobody can see inside. 

Add a sheer curtain too

Adding a sheer curtain as well as Roman blinds will enable you to still have light coming through your living space, but nobody will be able to see in. You will find it difficult to see out too, as the sheer curtain can be hard to see through. However, this will enable you to achieve a light and airy space while feeling private and relaxed. 

Install taller trees or fences

Installing taller trees and/or fences to the outside of your home will make it much harder for neighbours or people walking past to see into your home. 

It will enhance your privacy and guarantee that you feel more comfortable and relaxed while spending time in your living room, even if you leave the window dressings open.

Reposition your furniture

If the current position of your furniture faces toward the window, you might wish to face it away from the window or sideways so you feel more private. You will not constantly find yourself looking out of the window and instead, focusing on enjoying and relaxing in your living room. Best of all repositioning your furniture is a free and effective way of refreshing your living space and ensuring you feel it is more private. 

These simple yet effective tips will guarantee to make your home feel more private and relaxed when spending time in your living room. 

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