Eccentric Interior Design Style Features

Eccentric Interior Design Style Features

There are so many different interior design styles for you to choose from, and a lot of what you choose will come down to personal style. While minimalism is all the rage and is often featured, the opposite end of the scale is Eccentric. 

When you think of eccentric, you probably think of over-the-top, bright, bold, and, for many, a bit too much! But really, the heart of eccentricity means a style or way of being that is different from others. But what are the features of an eccentric interior?


The space that we live in should be somewhere that brings us joy and comfort and allows us to grow too. Our homes are shaped by how we use them, and that can be seen in the trinkets and personal things we have. 

You might’ve heard of the Japanese art of repairing that which is broken – and celebrating the imperfections. Celebrating any imperfections can be part of your eccentricity. Embracing life, breakages, and damage, and instead of replacing – making it a feature. 


Part of what makes eccentricity so much fun is that you can have the most unusual and interesting pieces. Beautiful patterned furniture and wallpapers, a cracked glass staircase, commissioned pieces, and antiques. 

Rare finds and personal collections of your hobbies and interests can take pride of place. Eccentricity is deeply rooted in things that make you happy and celebrate your personality and style. 


The function is important, but sourcing furniture and items just because they are functional isn’t going to give you the happiness that a home should bring. When you start to branch out from the standard and add things that you love – you will create an eccentric space. 

And what happens when you are surrounded by things that you love? You get joy from space. Take a look around your home and ask – does it bring you joy? Is it really you? An eccentric approach to your home will not be following fashion or trends – it will be about putting together a space that brings you joy. 


As we grow, we have experiences, both good and bad, that add up to who we are. An eccentric home is going to have a lot of things that celebrate your life as you grow. 

All of the personal bits and pieces will add up to that eccentric look – because it isn’t something you can try to replicate another person’s eccentricity, you can only create your own. 


There is often a lot of memorabilia and whimsy in life, and we keep trinkets and treasures from the people we love and things we have collected along the way. Eccentricity typically has a lot of magic, too, simply because much of what is on display has a lot of meaning. 

Whimsy also adds a lot of joy and humor into the space; sometimes, it challenges convention and creates a lot of fun too! 

One of the things that are enjoyable to do is create things for your place, and here are some tips to help unique pieces: Encouraging Product Upcycling And Reuse Via Creativity

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