Budget-Friendly Home Modifications That Save Money And The Planet

Budget-Friendly Home Modifications That Save Money And The Planet

Sticking to a budget is challenging for most families. However, going green could help. Using less energy and sticking to a budget is an excellent way to watch the pennies, so the pounds look after themselves. 

But what can you do to reduce your costs? Here are some of your options: 

Seal Air Leaks

Top of your list of priorities should be sealing air leaks. Closing gaps around your doors and window frames is one of the best ways to reduce your costs and ensure you’re not spending money warming up the cold outdoor air. 

To seal windows and doors, use a certified sealant or get a professional to come and do the work for you. You should discover that your bills decline considerably from the get-go. 

Change Your Lighting 

Another way to save money and go green on a budget is to change your lighting to something more affordable. Using better technology can help you slash your bills significantly. 

LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than conventional alternatives, and they are significantly more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. While they are more expensive to buy upfront, they break significantly less frequently than other bulbs, making the value proposition superior. 

Weatherise Your Windows

You can also try updating your windows to make them retain more of the heat in the winter and let less of it in during the summer. Some homeowners achieve this by adding a thin layer of infrared-reflecting plastic to the windows. During the summer, this thin film reflects this energy into the environment, meaning the air conditioning unit doesn’t need to work as hard. During the winter, it keeps heat from the fire and other sources of warmth inside the home, reducing the need to burn more gas or electricity. 

Use A Heat Pump

Another option is to use a heat pump to keep your home warm instead of relying on a conventional boiler. You can actually get a big subsidy for one of these installations if you live in the UK, with companies like All Seasons Energy providing more information on their websites for how to benefit from these installations. 

Heat pumps work by taking residual energy from the air, compressing it, and releasing it into your home. Systems work intelligently to reduce energy usage, offering long-term heat at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems. 

Plant Trees And Shrubs

You can also try planting trees and shrubs to help shade your home in the summer and block out winds in the winter. Making your home less exposed is an excellent way to reduce energy bills, even if you don’t use an at-home air conditioning system. 

Plus, adding more greenery to your home environment may improve air quality. Placing plants next to busy roads can help absorb some of the pollution that comes from them. 

Get A Home Energy Audit

Finally, you might want to try getting a home energy audit. These tell you where you could save money on your energy bills. For example, they may recommend adding more insulation to your loft. 

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