How to quickly add 4% to the value of your home

In today’s property market it is so expensive to move house. There are moving costs including removal vans and packing services to consider, solicitor fees and not to mention the thousands of pounds you can spend on stamp duty. So I’m not surprised whenever I read that more and more people are considering ways in which they can adapt their current home to make it work for their family, and ultimately add value.

There are many ways you can do this. It could be by extending your home to add more living space or an extra bedroom. Or by adding a loft conversion to make use of that neglected loft space. Or by updating your bathroom or kitchen to turn these rooms into a stylish space that suits the needs of your family.

Children enjoying a family kitchen

Updating your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. It’s a room that any potential buyer will want to look good, and a room that will definitely impact your home’s value. So whether you have a low budget or a big budget there is always something you can do to make this room the feature room of your home. And, these updates can range from simple quick fixes through to a full kitchen refit.

However with the rising cost of living and increasing prices on every day goods, we all want to be saving our pennies whilst maximising the value in our homes. If you’re looking to create a dream kitchen for your family HC Supplies have created this handy infographic that shows how to add 4% to the value of your home by carrying out simple quick fixes that will totally transform your kitchen into a brand new room.

Add 4 percent to the value of your home infographic

As you can see from this there are many quick and simple ways that you can easily update your existing kitchen without the need to spend thousands on a brand new kitchen and installation.

By doing all or some of these you could turn your existing kitchen into a wow-factor room that your family love spending time in, and one that you love inviting people into.

On top of this as the kitchen is one of the most important and focal rooms on the house, it is definitely something that potential buyers will focus on. So if you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, first of all think about some of these quick updates you can make, and hopefully add 4% to the value of your home at the same time.

Have you recently updated your kitchen using any of methods above? Are there any other quick and simple fixes that you did in addition to the ones listed above?

Claire x

How to quickly add 4% to the value of your home

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