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How to get the most out of being a working parent with Cuckooz Nest

Picture this. You’re a working parent with one, two, three or more children, and have a really urgent deadline to meet for the end of the week. You currently work from home around school and nursery drop offs, and have your baby at home with you throughout the day. You have no idea how you are going to meet this deadline. All that you need is a couple of hours of quiet thinking time and the job will be done, but with no childcare to hand, this task seems impossible without eating into your precious evenings and sleep. However fear not, this is where Cuckooz Nest can help you.

Cuckooz Nest is a haven in central London where both parents and children come together. I hear you thinking, how? Well it’s simple, Cuckooz Nest allows you book a space to work, whilst at the same time your children are looked after by their team of in-house nannies. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Cuckooz Nest is transforming the way that working parents work, turning flexible working on its head at the same time.

Children and parents enjoying Cuckooz Nest

I love the concept of Cuckooz Nest. If you are one of the many parents who freelances or who works from home, who has deadlines to meet or needs to arrange a meeting with other like-minded parents then Cuckooz Nest is the place for you.

You’re probably thinking so how does this all work. It’s easy. First of all you need to set yourself up on their system along with details of your child and you, and register for the Famly App. Cuckooz Nest will help you do this.

Then select what package you require for your needs:

  • There is the Pay As You Go option named as The Acrobat, this allows you to book a space 24 hours in advance, which is perfect for any last minute deadlines.
  • Or there’s The Juggler package where you pay a monthly subscription for 2 mornings or afternoons a week of desk space and childcare. This package in good for any parents who really are doing the juggle and have work to do each week.
  • In addition to this there is a package providing you with 40 hours of desk space over a 3 month period.
  • Or if you are working full time, there is a package offering you 4 hours per day over 5 days a week.
  • Lastly if none of these quite fit the bill, then Cuckooz Nest can tailor a package just for you.

Working life at Cuckooz Life

On top of this and if this all sounds too good to be true, Cuckooz Nest have partnered with London-based agency Manny & Me; an Ofsted registed nanny agency. They will provide high quality trained and skilled nannies to be on site and who will look after your little ones, whilst you are working away. At the same time they will update you on your child’s progress via an app just like you would receive from your child’s nursery if they are also in a nursery setting.

To ensure that the best care is provided for your child, Cuckooz Nest provide childcare services for children aged 0 – 2 years old. When arriving at Cuckooz Nest you will let them know your child’s requirements including nap times, eating habits and dietary requirements, so that your routine can be followed to the T. All that you need to do is bring any food, nappies and wipes, so that the team of nannies can best care for your child.

Charlie and Fabienne; the founders of Cuckooz Nest

Cuckooz Nest have got a really great concept going here. It allows you as a working parent to work the hours and days of the week that best suit your needs, whilst at the same time taking away the childcare worry.

The need for Cuckooz Nest was realised after co-founder Charlie found it really hard to find flexible and affordable childcare when returning to work. Charlie and her best friend Fabienne developed the idea, and set up the business to support the 1 in 7 freelancers who are in fact working Mums. They have created a space where adults and children can innovate together, create and embrace traditional ways of learning without the need for the nursery drop off and pick up.

I love this idea and I hope that if you’re reading this post you do too? Would you be tempted to give Cuckooz Nest a try? If so have a nose at their website and book a tour.

Claire x

How to get the most out of being a working parent with Cuckooz Nest


Cuckooz Nest is based at 24 Ray Street, London, EC1R 3DJ. For all enquiries please contact or 0203 950 2539


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