Returning To Work 3 Skills To Hone

Returning To The Working World? 3 Skills To Hone

We all take leave of absences from work at one point or another. One might be to finally fulfil that dream of travelling around Europe for a year. Another might be due to having children, and after years of raising them, you feel about ready to earn another income stream to the home. You may have suffered an illness or injury that took you away from your career plans against your wishes. No matter your experiences, or how you view them, returning to the working world can be as easy or difficult as you make it.

Depending on long you may have been absent for, becoming a full-time employee once more may be easier or more difficult in your given circumstance. However, even if you are the best and brightest candidate for a future job, you too can still benefit from refining a few of your skills that may have been unused for a time. Here are just a few, but anything you feel is worth working on is definitely viable; 


Your timekeeping skills may have become relatively stagnant, or merely adapted to a life outside of the working world. The working routine is relatively artificial. A meeting at 9am, two solid hours of work filled followed by a 90-minute conference call is a relatively strange way to separate your time, but in the corporate environment rhythms like this must be acclimated to.

You can improve your timekeeping skills by getting your sleeping schedule in order first. Rising at 6 or 7am helps you get an early start to the day, and plan your routine straight off. Make sure to give yourself ample free time in movement or commuting to each of your responsibilities, as well as drawing a fine line between work and home life. This can give you the greatest satisfaction, let alone great effectiveness at work.


Your ability to communicate to others around you is dictated by your confidence, your social awareness, as well as the ability to explain your ideas out in long form and comprehensible speech. It’s hard to nail this on an interpersonal level, especially in the corporate surroundings, but speaking to an audience raises this to another level.

For this reason, taking courses can be the best way around your stage fright, and surely the best way to develop effective presentation skills. Being able to hold your own and explain your ideas takes practice, bravery and the willingness to look a fool, but when you nail that presentation (and you will), you’ll be glad you practised beforehand.


While nurturing your return back to work, you must make sure you are going in for the right reasons. Even if you are obligated due to a lack of funding, you must find a way to bring passion to your job. Otherwise, the effort will be a slog, rather than something to enjoy. There is enjoyment to be found in even the most mundane of jobs, so long as you are proud of the work you do. Make sure to revise your competence outside of working hours to gain a better position (if starting from the bottom,) and take everything that comes with gratitude. There’s a reason that the world of work is often titled the rat race, but you can make this race into more of joyful skip if you are willing to bring the right attitude to work every day.

Hopefully, these tips will help your return to work with an ignited ability and passion. The income will be brilliant as well. What skills did you hone on your return to work? 

Claire x

3 Skills to Hone if You're Returning to Work


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