Battling Stigma As A Parent In Business

Battling Stigma As A Parent In Business

While the concept seems pretty far removed from the lives we lived even a few years ago, opening opportunities and an increasing need to provide mean that parents in business are now…well, big business. Single income living simply isn’t possible anymore, and many parents don’t want to make the choice between children and careers.

This is great news but, as you’ll notice when you embark on a business that suits your family, stigmas still exist. Internet capabilities may have made it easier for parents to keep working, but some big companies still will not consider working with someone in this situation.

This is somethign that you’ll need to overcome if you’re to stand any real chance at success. Luckily, facing and disproving stigmas head-on is your best chance of doing that. That’s why we’re going to look at these setbacks, and how you can change opinions surrounding them. 

The question of professionalism

Like it or not, your professionalism is going to come under fire as a parent in business. You may well find that some companies either refuse to do business with you or attempt to undercut you. We’d like to tell you that a professional attitude will be enough to see you through here, but it’s sadly not true. Instead, taking official qualifications through courses like this online mba degree program or building relationships with figures whose opinions matter could be your best bet. These stages would help anyone to get a foot up, but they can be especially useful for proving on paper who you are, and why you’re worth working with. 

The time crime

When looking at big deals, companies require commitment, and they may doubt you can give it in your current situation. In truth, overcoming this stigma is mostly about putting the time in during those initial stages. Even if you intend to work part-time down the line, availability is crucial for first making connections. You may even find that it’s worth bringing an employee or two onboard where possible to make this happen and prove that time really won’t be an issue.

The problem of priorities

Lastly, you may find that businesses question your priorities, and this is something that parents in business have to deal with daily. Your child is very likely your first priority, but that shouldn’t compromise your business efforts. Again, putting a team in place to pick up what you can’t can go a long way towards disproving this theory. You should also find that simply proving your commitment with hard work and ongoing determination helps you to overcome stigmas and seal those deals regardless of your position as a parent. 

The stigmas facing parents in business aren’t always fair or even grounded, and they are clearing more as parents continue to set up their own businesses. Make sure you join them by keeping these pointers in mind, and doing whatever you can to disprove them.

Claire x

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