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Bloggers! Here’s how to avoid the c**p emails in your inbox

Recently I’ve been getting more and more c**p emails in my inbox. I read them and they go straight in the bin. I also know that it’s not just me who gets them. We all do, loads of them. I think my inbox is currently sat at about 4365 unread mails, yet I know that these are not important, or junk mail. The important ones will have be read, prioritised, replied to and then sorted into a folder. But, even a small blogger like me still receives on a daily basis a lot of c*** emails that I steer clear of. So here’s a guide to the type of c*** emails to avoid as a blogger (from my point of view).

  • The emails that aren’t addressed to you. If they start with ‘Hi’ or sometimes nothing at all, or just launching into content, these often go straight into the bin. However I do read them to make sure that there’s nothing of value included. If you get these type of emails then it’s best to remember that this email has probably also be sent to hundreds of other people as well as you.
  • The badly written emails. Sometimes I can’t quite believe the grammar and spelling in some of the emails that I receive. Sometimes my name has even been spelt incorrectly. I had an experience where I agreed to take paid guest content from an initial email that had errors in it. Big mistake. The guest content arrrived and guess what, it was riddled with errors and didn’t make any sense. I never published it or got my fee, but to be honest it wasn’t worth the effort. That’s my lesson learnt, avoid emails where the sender cannot spell.
  • The emails from SEO or website companies wanting to improve your Google ranking. Go away. I’m not paying a company in India money to sort out my site, I can do it myself. A lot of these emails go into my spam, but occasionally a couple come through into my email. Like the above emails with spelling errors, it’s best to avoid these too. Also don’t listen to the c*** that they are saying in the email about low ranking on Google, these emails have been sent out to hundreds of people.
  • The guest post emails. I get so many of these, where somebody wants to provide content usually containing a follow link for me to publish on my blog, for no budget. They’re only looking for publicity and a link to a random webpage. I do often reply to these with my fees, and more often than not get a reply that there’s no budget, or why should they pay when it only takes me 5 minutes to set up a post. It’s still my time that is being used to do that. I am slightly contradicting myself here, it might be a good opportunity or it could be useful as a source of content if you’re going holiday to keep your blog fresh. But, it’s for you decide if you want to pursue this type of content.

If you’re a blogger reading this you’ll either be nodding your head with every word, or completely disagreeing with me. However remember that it’s only you who can decide what you do with these emails, and whether the opportunity is right for you and your blog. And lastly there are so many positive emails and those should be your focus and priority.

How do you deal with the c**p emails in your inbox. Are you the same as me, or do you respond differently. I would love to know.

Claire x


  • Vicky

    You know, many years ago I read an article on ( i think?) that you should only ever have 5 emails in your inbox. So I have folders and everything that I can’t categorise, goes straight in the bin. Has saved me many headaches. x

  • The Rhyming Mum

    My blog email is still so new that I don’t have this problem yet. But my work email and personal email are full of rubbish. It’s got to the point where I often hit delete based on the subject line alone. So if you’re sending out mass emails make sure the subject line says CLICK ME without actually saying it of course – That’s grounds for instant deletion. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Noleen Miller

    I absolutely annoys met when these emails flood my inbox. Had about 4 emails regarding guest posting this week. I’m seriously not interested. I don’t even bother reading – just click delete immeadiately.#fortheloveofBLOG

  • The Squirmy Popple

    Ah, the never-ending slew of crap emails. I tend to just ignore them to be honest. My contact page makes it very clear what kind of jobs I will and won’t accept! If they haven’t taken the time to read it, they’re not worth my time. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Briony

    Ha, this made me chuckle. Last night I replied to one of the ‘will you just insert my link in your article that I love and I’ll share it with all my followers so you get exposure’ emails with my fees. They came back to say they don’t buy links as that’s black hat marketing, but would I do it for the exposure. My response was literally two words, no thanks. Though I could have used two others! Usually I just ignore and delete. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Jemma @ Popcorn for Lunch

    Spat out my tea (ok, wine) at “avoid e-mails where the sender cannot spell,” bahaha!!! I’ve had a couple of really horrific ones this past week – I genuinely cannot deal with it on an emotional level. I really like this post – it’s all SO accurate! #fortheloveofblog

  • Heather Keet

    I have multiple email addresses to deal with it all. One if for friends and family only. One is the email I give out to stores and websites that need registering. The third account is strictly for blogging and I check it and clear it out daily. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Chloe

    Hi, I nodded my head when I was reading your post, its when its generic and badly spelt that is frustrating, my junk box is full to bursting at the moment #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Bridie By The Sea

    Such a fab post – my inbox always has those emails addressed to “Bridie By The” and my eyes rolls every time! I’m loving your posts lately, you’re doing an amazing job! Thanks for hosting #fortheloveofBLOG xx

  • The Mummy Bubble

    This issue drives me mad. Not so much with my blog, I get very few emails for that, but for my personal email I’ve ended up in a lot of mailing lists, also at work I get inundated with pr emails. I’ve got to a point now where I just take a look at the sender and hit delete! You’ve got to be ruthless x #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Aleena

    I usually reply to guest post emails with my fees too. It all kind of depends on how legit I feel the request is. Like, if it sounds like a generic post churning machine kind of email I’m not keen, but something from a blogger with an idea is great! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Ali Duke

    The ones wanting me to post content for them I also reply to with my fee. 9 times out of ten I never hear from them again lol. The ones with bad spelling drive me mad, I almost want to reply with a list of all thier spelling mistakes to show them lol.

  • jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I only get a handful of these each day. What really drives me mad is the 50-60 spam comments I need to wade through on the blog. Never understood what these people hope to get out of this, except to drive me insane #for theloveofblog

  • Helen @Talking_Mums

    The badly worded ones are the worst. Those go straight in the bin. Some of the guest post contributors can be quite pushy sometimes, I had one guy email me about 4 times in a couple of days asking which topic I’m interested in and what date I’ll publish it. Spammy comments are annoying too!

  • Nicola - Clarke Life

    When I got to over 8000 unread messages I decided it was about time I did something about it! When you have loads to deal with I find organising them in alphabetical order the easiest way as you can delete huge bundles all from the same sender at once! I now try to deal with them weekly but it can still be overwhelming! #fortheloveofBLOG


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