7 Day Blogging Challenge

7 Day Blogging Challenge

This week I’ve been really busy with the blog, and publishing a post every day for the past 7 days. It’s been challenging and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve also seen the benefits of doing this from increased traffic, increased engagement and a huge rise on the Parent Blogger Leaderboard to 53rd position. This got me thinking, could I set-up a little challenge for other bloggers. So here’s the 7 Day Blogging Challenge. Are you game? Then read on.

I love writing and I love blogging. I set myself a little challenge last week to publish content every day of the week. I did it. It kept me motivated and my brain cells ticking over. I was constantly thinking about what to write about and what to publish. As a fairly new (ish) blogger I know it’s really important to keep content flowing, keep promoting on social media, and keep people engaged in your writing and your blog.
Last week I published a competition, an update on my daughter, a blog post tag, a travel review, a personal post, an award post, and another tag post. Over the week I’ve seen my traffic rise and my engagement on my blog increase with more visitors visiting more than one page on my blog. This has kept me motivated to keep writing.
You can do it too! That’s why I’ve set-up this little challenge. Once the challenge is complete I will return the favour by including you in my weekly round-up post with a link to your blog.
The rules are simple:
  • Publish a blog post every day on your blog.
  • Add the tag badge to your posts by copying the code below, so that anyone else reading your posts who sees the badge, can follow the link to find out more and take part.
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers in your post, and ask them to complete the tag following these rules.
  • Let me know on Twitter @thepramshed once you’ve completed the tag. This is really important so that I know who has completed the tag.
  • I will write a weekly round-up featuring all the bloggers who have completed the tag, and include a short summary of one of your blog posts, and a link to your blog.

To get things started I nominate the following bloggers to complete the tag:

Good luck and I look forward to reading your blog posts.

Claire x

The Pramshed

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