Week in review #7

Last week was mostly focused on getting myself better and eating again after having food poisoning or a stomach bug last weekend :(. Being ill has really made me appreciate how good it is to feel better, and to enjoy the times when we are all feeling 100%. Here’s a look back at the highlights of last week for us:

Baby Disco

I managed to feel better in time for a boogie with the NCT ladies and the babies in the day last Friday. Our little one loved it, she really enjoyed looking at the disco lights on the ceiling and my glow stick. It was great fun dancing to Gangnam Style, sober, in the middle of the day.

Celebratory 6 month lunch

All of the babies in our NCT group have turned 6 months, so to celebrate we had a lovely lunch in a local pub at the weekend eating burgers and drinking wine. The men folk also came too, so it was great for the whole group to be reunited. We have also agreed that we need to have more regular catch-ups as one group too, so hopefully some more dates will be appearing in the diary.

Going blonde

I enjoyed a real treat at the weekend by having my hair done, and finally getting rid of my roots. It was lovely to have some “me” time and to treat myself. Our little one was just fine with my husband, I’m so glad that she can be left now and that I have the confidence to know that she will OK without the boob for a few hours.

Rolling off the belly – on the way to crawling

We are definitely seeing some more movement, she can now roll off her belly so I’m no longer having to rescue her every 5 minutes. She’s also trying to bring her knees up under her in an attempt to move. I’m pretty sure that she is on her way to crawling, yikes, better start baby proofing the house.

That’s it, short and sweet, hopefully I will have more of an update next week.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Have a great week.

Claire x

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