Long weekends to take your little one on

Long Weekends To Take Your Little One On

When you have kids, you can easily get caught up in so many routines that the thought of getting away for a little while doesn’t even cross your mind. You’re so busy ensuring that everything’s running smoothly that fun and games can often take the backseat. But there are so many brilliant places where you can escape from the usual run of things and have bucket loads of fun at the same time! Just take a look at some of these child-friendly destinations. They provide the perfect getaway for a long weekend! Not only will you be able to let your hair down and relax, but your little ones will be able to immerse themselves in new environments and have a ball too!


You don’t have to travel Every Road on Earth to find activities for your little one to engage with. Some of the places they’d most like to go are actually much closer than you’d think. Believe it or not, Legoland features pretty high on the to-do lists of children from all over the globe. But its location in Windsor makes it relatively easily accessible! If you’ve ever seen how long kids can spend playing with Lego in the comfort of their own homes, you can only imagine the expression on their faces when they get up close and personal with some genuine Lego works of art. There are so many fun activities to take part in. They can build their own digital fish in the Lego Reef, put out a “burning” building at the Lego Fire Academy, bake cakes in the Clown’s Cake Shop in Brickville, and join Captain Goodbrick’s crew in an attempt to save Castaway Camp. There are also plenty of water-based things to do, with Drench Towers (the U.K’s largest water play structure) and safely play in the Splash Safari with giant Duplo themed animal friends.

Blackgang Chine

The Isle of Wight has a whole host of fun attractions to take your little one to. You can fill sand figurines with different coloured sands from the region at the Needles. There are fireworks regularly held in Shanklin, and there are a whole host arcades in Sandown. But perhaps the best attraction for little ones on this little island is Blackgang Chine by far. Blackgang Chine is the U.K’s oldest amusement park and is often referred to as the “land of imagination”. Long lasting favourite attractions in the park include Dodo Valley, the Giant Bug Walk, Rumpus Mansion, the Musical Pet Show, the Hall of Mirrors, Jonah’s Whale, and the Crooked House. But there are also new exhibits being added regularly to keep things fun and fresh. The latest is the New Underwater Kingdom, filled with animatronic sea creatures!

These are just two options that are open to you. There are plenty more out there! Remember that there are all sorts of brilliant child-friendly parks, complexes, and facilities all over the country! You just have to keep an eye open for them.

Where is your favourite place in the UK to take your little ones to?

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Long weekend ideas for you and your children

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