You at 31 months

You at 31 months

I’m finding these posts harder and harder to write, purely because you’re not changing as much as you did when you were smaller. Each month builds on the last and I find that we are pretty much at the same stage as we were last month, or you are doing the same things. However in the last month you’ve had some pretty major changes in your life that I feel are important to write down. So, here is what you are doing at 31 months.

  • You have moved house. You now have a new room that is so much larger than your old one. All your toys can fit in it, and you love spending time there. You have coped with the transition well and I think that having a much bigger house is so much better for you. It’s great that you are still able to go to your nursery and that all your friends remain the same.
  • Potty training is in full swing as we speak. There are no more nappies during the day which is interesting during nap time. This is now Day 2 of our third attempt, and I am determined to get you to do something in the potty today so that you get your sticker.
  • You’re language is amazing. I know I mentioned this last time in your 30 month update, however we can now have a proper conversation with you. Every now and again you come out with the strangest sayings, and I wonder where on earth you got that from.
  • As we edge closer to your brothers birth, I know that you are getting more and more excited. You want the baby to come out now, you’ll just have to wait another 12 weeks for that. I hope that you make a loving and kind big sister, and that you are not too disrupted by the change. Please continue to sleep through the night.
  • Now that Spring is on its way you are really enjoying being outside, and want to spend lots of time in the new garden. Which is great now that Daddy has put your swing and slide back up. I just wish the sun would shine a little more.
  • Bedtime is becoming increasingly difficult. It seems to have more so since we moved to the new house. It’s really difficult to get you into the bath, and then into bed. You’re constantly wanting to go back downstairs to do something. I am dreading the day that we need to take the sides off your cot bed.
  • I know that I mention eating in every post, but I think your eating has returned to normal again. You are wolfing down your meals now, and eating more and more. No longer is your diet just beige or orange, and recently I’ve managed to get you to eat broccoli and a green pepper. Keep up the good work please!
  • You love to play and want Mummy to play with you. You regularly try and drag me from the sofa wanting to play with your Duplo or campervan. I’ve also noticed at toddler group you now try to play with the other children and share toys, rather than snatching and shouting “mine”.

So that’s what you are doing at 31 months. I’m sure that you will be changing even more as you head towards the age of three, and who knows what will happen when your baby brother arrives on the scene.

Thank you so much for the lovely card and flowers for Mother’s Day yesterday.

Mummy x

The life of toddlers at 31 months old

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