You, at 23 months

You, at 23 months

This is the last update that I will write before your 2nd birthday. How are you going to be 2? How are you 23 months old. It seems like yesterday that I was sat in our garden at the start of my maternity leave 2 years ago, in 38 degree heat, waiting for you to arrive. Now as we fast approach your 2nd birthday, here are just some of things that you are doing in the last month of you being 1:

  • I’m not sure if this is a phase that you’re going through, but you love being held. You want to be up on my hip the entire day, or sat on my lap, or scrambling over my legs. I love it, but not all day, as I’m starting to feel a bit battered and bruised.
  • Your talking is improving, and sometimes we can almost have a conversation together, although usually this is about how many eyes your bunny has. Right now your favourite words seem to be “NO” and “MINE” which are shouted about a million times every day. It’s funny when we are out and about, and you see another child, you instantly shout “MINE” and point. Please stop that.
  • On our recent trip to Wales you loved playing on the beach, running into holes, and chasing seagulls. It was so nice to spend a week away from London together as a family, and I think that you loved all the attention too.
  • Right now your back molars are coming through. I can tell that this is causing a bit or a lot of pain. There’s loads of dribble, a runny nose, and your need to headbutt me in the face. Calpol has been yours and our friend over the past few nights, and I hope that it’s making you feel better.
  • You had your very first night away from us. This was a first for us all, and a first for your Nana and Grampa too. We went to a friends wedding, and you had a great time, being treated visiting Waitrose, a garden centre and a zoo.
  • You’re starting to get to grips with only 2 days a week at nursery now. A couple of week’s ago you would cry every time I dropped you off, presumably as you had forgotten what nursery was. This week has been so much better, and you’ve walked in, gone up the stairs, and sat down for breakfast, without any tears. On those days we are winning at life.
  • A few weekend’s ago Mummy and Daddy had a night out, and we left you with your first ever babysitter. You were fine and were none the wiser that we weren’t there. We had a brilliant few hours together, and now feel confident that we can leave you with a babysitter in the future.
  • You’re enjoying stacking and making things more and more. You like to play with your Duplo, making towers, pushing the little people down the slide, or taking apart the Duplo house that I’ve just made for you.
  • You love playing in your paddling pool. When the weather was really hot a couple of weeks ago you spent hours sitting in it, sometimes in your clothes (bad Mummy), swishing the water around and throwing your toys out of it.
  • Recently your love of food has taken a bit of a backseat. I’m finding it harder and harder to get you to eat your lunch or dinner. Maybe that’s because your back molars are coming through, or you simply do not like my cooking anymore. Still at least you’re drinking lots of milk and eating biscuits.
  • You are beginning to play with your friends. You’ve been with these people for the last year or so, and you’re at an age where you’re now learning to play together and share. You’ve still got a way to go, and to stop shouting “MINE”, but I’ve noticed some sweet moments when you’re with your little nursery friends.

Those are just some of things that you are doing at 23 months old. I can’t believe that in just under a month’s time you will be 2! I’d better start planning that party and getting you some presents. I’m already looking forward to seeing how the next year pans out for us, and seeing how you grow and develop.

Mummy x

You, at 23 months

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  • Catherine

    What a lovely read. Your little one sounds like she’s enjoying life, and how lovely that you always have this to look back on and see how she’s developed. And don’t worry, it probably is the fact that she’s teething, I bet she’ll be back to normal with her eating soon. xx

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