The Do's And Don'ts for DIY Home Decor

The Do’s and Don’ts for DIY Home Decor in 2023

Ad. We have passed the halfway mark of 2022, and home decorators everywhere are looking forward to the 2023 season. The coming year looks exciting, with a defined and marked look to the past for ideas. Home designers are reaching into the rich, sensual and romantic trends of days gone by to create a unique style. I’m here to share some of the expected changes for 2023, and you can find even more interesting DIY tips here. This article will prove that you can give your home a look of modern luxury without spending a fortune. Here are some of my tips…

Bold Wallpaper

A major decor trend for 2023 is bold, bright, and big printed wallpaper. The colours could be dark or very pale (or a combination of the two.) Think flowers, plants, birds, ocean life, or forest animals. 

Bold wallpaper will be a trend for 2023

Recover and refurbish

The trend this year is to take items that were once used for one thing and turn them into something else. For example, an old sewing machine in a wood cabinet can easily be refurbished or painted and then used as coffee or side table or lamp stand.  Other examples include:

  • Taking small empty drawers from an old dresser and add legs. Giving it a coat of antique paint, and you then have a perfect table to be used as a planter, to hold towels in the bathroom or it can hold baby items in the nursery. There are so many more ways that you can use this upcycled table.
  • Do you have an old kerosene lamp? Give it a coat of paint and add a tabletop. These are adorable, chic, and great conversation pieces. They fit almost anywhere and you will find a lot of uses for them. They also make great patio furniture. 
  • Do you have an old-fashioned vintage luggage set? You could give them the BOHO treatment by adding legs and stacking them. These would make beautiful and cheap tables that can be used together or separated. 

Trending furniture 2023

Look for old-style pieces for the living room and bedroom. Velvet is in and is in a great finish for sofas, chairs and headboards. Look in charity shops or on Facebook marketplace, a good piece of furniture can always be refurbished. Consider traditional items that are straight or curvy, and I am huge fan of orange and blue at the moment.

Orange and blues will be a trend for 2023


Decorate your home with ceramic pieces, glasswares, and natural fibres. Long twigs, eucalyptus branches, and cattails towering from tall vases are coming back and instantly add height and impact to a room.


Minimalist is in for kitchens to make the most of your space. According to New Decor Trends.Com, stick with cream, sand, tan and a shade of white for the walls. You can have some fun with your island, cabinets, and chairs. Bold colours such as dark teal and red will work well, as do leather chairs too!

You will see Scandinavian-style kitchens more this year that are a unique style that function well.


In your bathroom you can have your bold wallpaper, and colour pop colours such as purple and blue. But what will really put your bathroom over the top in 2023 is lighting. Use minimalist lights on the walls and in the floor for a wow effect, and consider how LED lighting can enhance a space. There are plenty of options including lighting the shower, windows, and any dark corner of the room. Choose a warm white bulb to give you a soft look rather than a white bulb than can look too clinical.

Trends to avoid in 2023

There are just some changes coming in 2023. It’s likely that we will see a lot of colour in 2023, so think about how to reduce the amount of grey in your home. According to the Trends Design Book,  the colour of the year is lavender cream, which you may see combined with unique shades of purple for a brand new look. 

Other trends that we may see a less of in 2023 are rustic barn style walls, rose-gold metal and possibly the rise in chrome. This is the year to decorate your home with personality, removing coordinated furniture sets and adding individual pieces that add character. Show off your style!


Remember this is the year of you and your home should echo that. Use colour, lights, and your imagination to create a new look of luxury. Also don’t be afraid to add black tones for contrast. My best advice is to get started and do what makes you happy.

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