Epoxy Coatings and Other Ways to Protect Floors

Epoxy Coatings and Other Ways to Protect Floors

When it comes to our flooring, at home or work, we want to know that the surface has good protection. This preserves our investment in the initial flooring and avoids the inconvenience of replacing our flooring so often. This is where epoxy floor coatings excel. They have durability and offer the ultimate protection. In this article, we shall examine epoxy coatings along with other protective floor solutions, including ones that are more temporary a solution than epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Coatings (a Protection for Concrete Flooring)

Epoxy represents the perfect solution for protecting floors because it is resistant to many chemicals including acids and solvents. So, this makes it ideal for industrial situations as well as home ones. From an aesthetic point of view, the floors also look decorative. As far as disruption to business or work life while the epoxy coating is being applied, epoxy is known to be fast to apply, so there will be minimal disruption to any situation during which it is used. These coatings are cost-effective because they are easy to maintain. In terms of versatility, epoxy coatings combine well when there is underfloor heating. They are robust, too, so will stand the test of time. What is not to like about epoxy flooring, when it provides protection and satisfies all these other criteria, too?

The epoxy coating works by creating a protective casing for the concrete that lies underneath. It is this protective barrier that protects flooring from the elements, moisture, different kinds of grease, as well as cracks, and any general wear. It is the ultimate protection for a concrete floor.

You are probably wondering about fire resistance now, as epoxy can stand most other things. Well, it does also have a very high resistance to thermal shock. This means that it is fire resistant and can deal with hot and cold temperatures. Epoxy resin flooring does not burn easily. So, this will limit the ability of a fire to spread rapidly through a garage or work premises. A fire under control will be easier to manage when it comes to protecting your property. This makes epoxy flooring a very wise investment indeed. Not only will the flooring be protected for a long time but so will your property inside where the flooring is.

Hardwood Solutions

Hardwood floors can be protected by using red or brown rosin paper. It is frequently recommended for use with Masonite as it offers that extra layer of protection between the Masonite and the finished floor. Rosin paper is, however, not best used on its own because it can stain or even tear.

Party Solutions

When you are having a party, you are likely to want to protect the floor. Furniture being moved around has the potential to scratch a floor. The solution is to put felt pads under your tables and chairs. Also, you should have everyone wear indoor shoes only. You could, instead, have a rug that protects the floor underneath, that is brought out just for parties and special occasions. Another consideration might be to host the party in certain rooms and not have guests move between different rooms within the house. An outdoor toilet will prevent a guest from needing to venture upstairs. This will improve security as well as protect the carpet or flooring inside your home, should you not know all the guests that well.

Temporary Floor Protection

Floors can be temporarily protected during renovation by using painter’s tape. Using blue painter’s tape in combination with cardboard you can, at your worksite, protect wooden flooring while a painting project is taking place. In particular, while heavy equipment is being moved across a floor. That is when a floor is most likely to become scratched or damaged.

Another temporary type of flooring is a ram board. It is heavy-duty and breathable. It is specially engineered with contractors in mind. Ram Board has an in-built Spill Guard technology that will protect floors against, water, mud, paint, and other liquids.

So, we have many ways to protect floors. The one sure permanent way, where concrete is concerned, is to use an epoxy floor coating. This is extremely protective and a permanent solution when it comes to protecting floors from most things likely to damage them.

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