Is It Time for An Exciting Career Change? Maybe.

Is It Time for An Exciting Career Change? Maybe.

So how’s your career going so far? Good? Okay? Could be better? The thing is, there’s more to life than a job that doesn’t enthrall you. There is so much you could be doing, so why waste it at a job you’re not all that keen on? If you’ve lost your passion and have twitchy feet, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

The days of people staying at one company and even one industry for their whole professional life is long gone. Instead, the world rewards those who are willing to take a chance, so if you think you’ve done everything you can and ever will at your current job, it’s time to think about an exciting career change. 

Something Creative

Doing something creative is what a lot of people dream about when growing up. They want to be actresses, actors, musicians, artists, writers, poets and dancers, or even a combination of everything. 

Not many people make it this far, but that’s okay. The magic of the creative industries is that you can jump in any time you want. If you’ve always had a passion and a flair for an artistic job, quitting your job and taking it on full-time could offer a new lease of life. 

No matter your previous experience, there’s always a space in the creative industry for new faces, and if you want to live such a lifestyle (and can afford to support yourself), you could be the Next Big Thing.

Something to Help Others

If you’ve always dreamed of giving back and helping others, a career in teaching, social care, or the healthcare sector could be right up your alley. 

The world needs more compassionate people helping and caring for those who cannot do so themselves or to inspire the next generation of geniuses to fix all that’s wrong with the world (no pressure, though). Both teaching and healthcare is a highly rewarding career choice, and often the older you are, the better suited you could be for it. 

Those who already have experience in other industries can apply their skills to help themselves help others, so while you may not be keen on your current job, it can still help you in other ways. 

Something You Never Expected

Sometimes, life will surprise you, and leaving one profession can lead to you doing something you never expected you would ever do. 

There are many ways to get into something unexpected. Some people choose it based on advice from friends in the industry. Others look at top salaries and seek out the job they prefer. Whatever your reasons, it could prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

You can take to the skies by researching what to study in university to become a pilot. You can live out your teenage goth fantasies and train to be a Funeral Service Manager. It’s up to you, but no matter what you choose, you’re sure to have fun. 

Something a Little More You

Everyone has a look about them. They have a look that immediately tells people what kind of job they do, even if – more often than not – that look is way off base, but that doesn’t matter. 

Doing something that’s a little more you allows you to get involved in what you’re most passionate about. It means being able to do the thing you’ve dabbled in here and there without throwing your whole self into taking it on full time. It’s an opportunity for you to tell people you do what you love, and they’ll understand. 

Looking at your hobbies, think about which is either most lucrative or most enjoyable and see how you can make a living from there. 

Something To Give You a Break

Maybe you’re ready for a career change, but you’re also not just available to jump into a new commitment just yet. Don’t worry, that’s fine. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and evaluate what life has to offer. If you need to take some time to consider your options, take as much time as you need. 

You don’t want to make a swift and sudden career change and end up regretting it, so allowing yourself some time to gain perspective on how you want to improve could be the most crucial change you’ll ever make. 

Something New, and That’s What Matters

It’s not easy or even comfortable to switch careers no matter what age you are. But sometimes you need to take that leap into the unknown to truly realise your potential. If you are dissatisfied with your career so far, no matter how lucrative and successful it may have been, there’s always the chance to take a step back, reevaluate and consider if a career change is the right thing for you. If you think it is, then why not try it?

Claire x

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