30 day blogging challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9


We all have our cravings, some have more cravings than others, some have pregnancy cravings and some don’t. I often experience cravings at different times of the day, or when I’m in a different mood, or on holidays. Cravings don’t necessarily need to be food related either. Here’s my cravings:

  • I crave for a chicken tikka massalla on a Friday night.
  • I crave for a cool glass of white wine on a hot summer’s day.

  • I crave for endless cups of tea in the morning.
  • I crave for breadsticks and Philadelphia when I hungover.
  • I crave for Ribena when I’m ill.
  • I crave for my husband to come home to do bedtime routine when he’s working late.
  • I crave to sit outside in the garden when the sun in shining.
  • I crave to be sat on a beach when it’s Winter in the UK.
  • I crave for my daughter to nap just so I can have a break.
  • I crave a country pub with a log first on a cold Winter’s day.

I’d love to hear what your cravings are?

Claire x

The Pramshed


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