Happy 6 Months little one

I can’t quite believe that our little girl was 6 months old yesterday, where has the time gone! As I’ve only been blogging for 1 month and not since she was born, here’s a look back at the past 6 months.

The first crazy month

This now seems like such a blur to me, getting to grips with having a newborn in the house, learning to breastfeed, worrying about weight gain and weight loss, not being able to walk or do anything. But we survived!

It was such a relief on Day 12 since arriving into the world (also my birthday) our little girl had regained her birth weight and we were signed off by the midwives. Her weight loss had been a constant worry for me in the beginning, adding lots of pressure to the very early days.

We had a trip to Wales planned at the end of August. At the time of planning we expected our little girl to be about 6 weeks, but as she was so late she was only 3 weeks old! The 4 hour drive was no problem and we had a lovely couple of days in the sunshine. We turned a corner during this trip, with feeding clicking into place and I could finally walk more.

At two months it started getting easier

As time progressed I started getting out and about more, my C-section scar hurt less and less so I found walking round the park everyday really helped boost my confidence. Reaching the 6 week milestone felt like a huge achievement, especially after a difficult birth.

At this time we started our Baby Sensory classes, and going to Baby Bounce in the local library. Looking back now our little one seemed really small against all the other babies.

The nights were still long during this time, and I found them quite lonely sitting up feeding for hours in the dark. This is when online shopping became my friend.

A few trips away at three months.

Life was beginning to calm down now, and we had settled into a feeding routine. My husband had a week off work and we had a short holiday to North Wales. It was lovely to enjoy pub lunches, walks along the beach, and to relax without the stresses of London life.

We also had a short break to Center Parcs Sherwood Forest with the family (I make it sound like we have been away a lot). We shared a cabin with my sister in law, her husband and their two children, so you can imagine it was pretty hectic, luckily we had a sauna to relax in. This was the first time away with family in such close proximity, and I was a little worried about noise from our little one, but she surprised us and was an absolute dream. A trip to Center Parcs will be better once she is a little older, and we can enjoy some of the activities and the pool together. We did hire a cabana in the pool area, allowing one of us to go swimming whilst the other looked after the baby.

Four Month Sleep Regression and teething (double trouble).

It all started to go downhill towards the end of the fourth month with teething and the 4-month sleep regression hitting at the same time. The two bottom teeth came through first, it felt like an eternity of teething before they eventually popped through the gum over night. During this time she was really unsettled, shouty, and angry which I found exhausting. I did everything I could to ease the pain using Calpol, Dentinox, Ashtons and Parsons powder, and loads of different teething rings.

At the same time we also hit the 4-month sleep regression, I’m not sure if the teething had anything to do with it or started it. Our little one went from sleeping from 8pm until 3am/4am to waking every hour. This was exhausting for me, as nothing would settle her apart from a feed.

We continued with our weekly Baby Sensory and Waterbabies classes, and kept going to Baby Bounce, along with regular catch up with the NCT girls to help me stay sane.

It’s Christmas at Five months

December was an exciting time for us all celebrating our little ones first Christmas. We had a week away from London staying with my parents and then with my husband’s parents. It was lovely spending time with family, and of course everyone loved being with our little one. She received so many presents, so many toys and clothes. We also received some more practical gifts like gro-bags, and plastic cutlery.

We were still very much in the grips of the 4-month sleep regression which did not seem to be ending at all. I decided that I needed to change the routine, as I couldn’t function on little sleep or not sleeping more than an hour at a time. You can read about that here.

Happy Six Months

Here we are at Six months, I can’t quite believe that half a year has passed since she was born. It’s been a hard, challenging six months, but also the best six months! We are very much looking forward to the next 6 months.

Claire x



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