My toddler feeding the Zoomer Hungry Bunny
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Making my toddler happy with a Zoomer Hungry Bunny

My daughter loves a bunny. She loves her stuffed bunny that she takes to bed with her every night, as well as her bunny that has her name on its T-Shirt, and more recently she loves the Zoomer Hungry Bunny. And when I say loves, I mean LOVES. She would probably say that about any toy, but this bunny has something special about it to capture the heart of my toddler.

Let me tell you why….

Well I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, but this bunny actually eats. It’s quite funny and quite addictive to play with. The Zoomer Hungry Bunny comes with a supply of paper carrots, beans, strawberries, grapes and ice creams that it actually eats. You tear the paper food item from the supplied perforated paper and feed the bunny. This makes bunny the really excited; making its ears move, its tail wags, and it makes cute chewy noises. My toddler loves to feed the bunny during her dinner time, which seems to make her want to eat her own dinner too (bonus!). Then after a while the bunny’s tail wags, and discards the remains of the eaten paper food, just like it is doing a number two – it’s quite useful to support with training toilet in this respect.

My toddler feeding the bunny

My toddler feeding the bunny and the range of foods that Chewy can eat

There are over 80 different foods to feed your bunny with which will help to teach your child about a balanced diet, as the foods are a combination of vegetables, fruits and desserts. All of these foods are stored in the supplied cute little basket. My only improvement is that the basket could be made out of a harder wearing material rather than cardboard.

Foods and the basket

Some of the foods that the Zoomer Hungry Bunny will eat

Aside from that the bunny also does a number of other things too including:

– After you’ve finished feeding Chewy, give her a tickle on her tummy and you’ll hear cute bunny giggles.

– Sing to your bunny and she’ll love it, making nice noises back at you.

Chewy makes an adorable pet for toddlers and young children, and your child should love looking after theirs just as my daughter loves looking after hers.

This is the Zoomer Hungry Bunny called Chewy and is available from Amazon.

Claire x

Zoomer Hungry Bunny in its packaging

We were gifted the Zoomer Hungry Bunny in exchange for an honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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