Help Mummy’s Career? That’s Child Play!

Help Mummy’s Career? That’s Child’s Play!

Being a mum is the most beautiful thing in the world. But, it can be a disadvantage in the corporate sector. Sure, maternity is a saviour yet there are cons. For one thing, women come back to the office underprepared and months behind the rest of their colleagues. Plus, it doesn’t change the fact that we have to juggle being a career-driven person and a mother.

To look at it this way, kids may not seem as if they can help. There’s too much to worry about, from getting them to school on time to leaving early when they are ill. So, the fact that they can help boost your career might come as a surprise but it’s true. Here are the reasons why.

A Break

Before the children arrived, you might have been someone who slogged it out for 80 hours a week. There is nothing wrong with this attitude as long as you are happy, but it’s unsustainable with kids. And, this is often a revelation for mothers. Okay, it’s stressful trying to plead and beg the boss to be cool about having an afternoon off, but it also provides perspective. Rather than kill your body for gratification that never comes, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is more to life than a promotion. Usually, this freedom translates positively into the office.

Away Days

Not from the workplace but from the kids themselves. Sorry if this sounds cold yet it’s the truth. Looking after babies for nine months straight is tiring and women often enjoy the thought of going back to work. And, when we are back behind the desk, we still need a break from the family! Used constructively, this urge for “me” time can be productive. Online accounting with Avado is another string to the bow, as is a leadership course. If there’s one place the kids won’t follow, it’s back to school.

Free Labour

Mums that work from home have the job of completing their tasks for the day and entertaining a five-year-old. Not an easy task but one that isn’t impossible. In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone by asking your son or daughter to help. When they start to moan, pass them pens and pencils and any stationery within reach and get them to put it in order. Cleaning away clutter is proven to produce productivity because it keeps the mind tidy, too.


Excuse the pun, but homework to you is child’s play. The idea that you can learn anything new from basic mathematics is far-fetched. So, prepare to be surprised then because it’s true: you can gain an advantage by helping them with their homework. Think of it as a steady stream of maintenance. By completing calculations on a semi-regular basis, your arithmetic skills will be as sharp as a knife. Basic they may be, but these skills translate into the business world. Remember that any advantage is a benefit regardless of the size.

Can you think of any more ways your kids can boost your career prospects?

Claire x

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